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    Spare glasses.
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    LONQR 2

    With that shit eating grin, he knows what the photo is.
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    Baby formula

    Fuck off. If it wasn't for baby formula my two kids would have simply been under feed, there simply was not enough for them to have. Do you really think that underfeeding an infant is better than baby formula? People like you shaming other people who just are trying to do what is best for...
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    LONQR 2

    You my friend.  Are very evil. The mare mention is something my brain did not need reminding of.
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    Mini-Split Air Conditioning Anarchy

    Explain the "tons" bit please.
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    Mini-Split Air Conditioning Anarchy

    Stupid parallel.  We are not talking about abuse during usage, and you still have to take your Ford to a licensed mechanic to maintain the warranty.
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    Mini-Split Air Conditioning Anarchy

    Have you ever heard of people who have had a heat pump fail because of "poor quality piping" that also had to be replaced? That is what happens when you don't vacuum out the pipes and there is moisture in the system.
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    Mini-Split Air Conditioning Anarchy

    Are you comparing apples with apples? The local dude knows he has to warranty his work so a low quality or poor performing unit will reflect on his business poorly.
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    There is a Donut?
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    Quality Control Anarchy

    "Jacinda Adern  She is FIT"  what a sicko.
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    Quality Control Anarchy

    This. I recently bought a decent full sus mountain bike and looking at the market the big thing I noticed was that a lot of 2022 bikes are similar to the 2021 bikes but with inflation adjusted prices and with often lower specked components. One bike I looked at had replaced the Shimano brakes...
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    getting the words wrong

    And you can tell Rod Stewart that I have not seen Loraine.
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    Will Smith gives Chris Rock a Black Eye

    Good find. Ha Ha!
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    Cheap superyacht ?

    Lloyds and BV are pulling class certificates for these Russian owned super yachts.  So insurance is going to be a bitch.