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    Carbon cutter No. 2

    Easy does it,,,,,, next you'll be complaining about sailing with the Lazy Jacks tensioned.
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    Transpac 2019

    Might be you've got your boats and years mixed up.
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    Bruce, a great project and commendable that you're doing the upgrades. Any thought to laminating lightweight spruce stiffeners to the braces you've created between the cutouts on the bulkhead/frames? Looking forward to seeing the amazing Improbable on the water again with renewed performance...
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    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    In case anybody asks,,,,,
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    Raida anchored at Vanua Levu September 2017. A fine looking yacht
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    Older well known IOR Boats

    Tenacious was same length and was fuller aft and taller rig
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    great yarns Skip, them's was the days of wooden yachts and happy maidens,,,,,,
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    S&S 36... thoughts

    There's a really nice S&S one tonner for sale (cheap) in Enzed listed on Gumtree
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    Windy in San Diego today!

    :rolleyes: It sure isn't normal, way above,,,,,
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    Windy in San Diego today!

    20 - 25 is windy?  It's blowing 45 - 55 in Hobart right now and just getting started.
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    Put a yellow Brick tracker on it and you'll save from wasting time on all these useless ideas.
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    Volvo RTW Race - April Fools joke. In poor taste

    Malcolm Fraser wandering outside New Orleans Whorehouse without his pants.
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    Jimmy Buffet just bought one of ugliest sailboats I have ever seen...

    Well, at least this one made it out of the shed before the owner lost interest,,,
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    My newest project

    In some weird turn of events she was told that she would be the winner. The interesting thing is that a great deal of the correspondence concerning this contest has been collected and preserved. I looked at the file. I read letters from the committee members. One letter says something like...
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    What would you buy for a 3-5yr cruise with family of 4

    If you're still in the hunt position you might check out the Peterson designed Deerfoot advertised in the So Cal Log. <[email protected]> Has good gear and great condition and could be ready to go without much work. Don't be put off by the length, likely no harder to sail...