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    Everyone's Moving To Texas

    I knew this picture looked familiar.  My brother runs a ranch 6.5 miles due east of here.   I'll be driving down that road about 7pm tomorrow on my way to go deer hunting.
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    IC37 by Melges, a new era of One Design racing in North America?

    One thing you are not seeing are larger boats traveling to major events.  Most championship events have a majority of their attendance through the local fleet.  The IC37 makes sense for NYYC.  If you want to race, charter or buy a boat and leave it in Newport.  It makes sense to keep a boat...
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    Melges 24 - close to making the purchase - any tips?

    YOu will love the boat if not already.  Expect to spend 12-18 months to really get a good feel for how the boat sails in all conditions.  The best thing you can do is take it out in a blow.  Crash a few times and get that out of way.  You'll realize it's not that bad and you will be more...
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    Melges 24 Hull 1

    Found out the boat went to Lake Tahoe.
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    Melges 24 Hull 1

    It had been stored here in Dallas and was in rough shape.  I heard it had recently been sold.
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    Superyacht A mast issues....

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    Political & off-topic posts have ruined this site

    This site actually use to be filled with good content.  Now there are less than 100 posts a day.  I guess there must be a lot of clicks and that's what is driving advertising.  
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    NYYC Invitational IC37

    I think there are a lot of Yacht Clubs that have some sore of program of "Club" owned boats or club designated fleets.  Just not to the extent NYYC has gone.  Our YC has 6 IC24's that are chartered out yearly and available for day and regatta charters.  They are "maintained" by some of the...
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    What's this ?

    looking at the buildings, I am going to say American Magic's new ride. 
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    NYYC One Design

    From what I am hearing, it looks like there will be a separate class association for private owners not wanting to follow the strict OD rules the NYYC has implemented.   The NYYC boats were strictly bought for the Invitational.  So they will be kept to the "NYYC" standard.  But if you show up to...
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    NYYC One Design

    Cheeks have to stay on deck.  I have not noticed any blatant violations.  But with no padding on the wires, leaning on it is short lived.
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    NYYC One Design

    Our first boat was that way.  This last one, we had to add a 4ft piece at the patch.  And the runners on the first boat were 2" different in length.  
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    NYYC One Design

    Ours runner blocks were not that high,  about mid thigh on me when just under tension.  In the breeze, they could get down to the mid lifeline.  Regardless, it's good to get them covered.  My only real issue was my shorts kept getting sucked into the mainsheet winch.  
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    NYYC One Design

    yes.  lead from the back forward to a winch
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    NYYC One Design

    That block is at the perfect level to grab when you're crossing the back of the boat.  I almost ground our tacticians finger in it coming out of a tack.  Fortunately for him it was only a flesh wound.   It's time for all the strops to be replaced anyway.  Lengthening them to where they are a...