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    1978 Kalu-Star (Sweden) Lower Spreader Stay

    It's dead Jim.
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    SeaTalkNG vs NMEA2000

    NG is N2K. Just proprietary fittings. Plenty of adaptors available for micro c to ng.
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    Sourcing recycled keel

    Right now I know of about 5 boats waiting on being crushed at the local marina here in eastern NC. Paceship 26, Seafarer 31, Pearson 30, Pearson 35, Hunter 37.... I am sure there are more. Usually done in the winter. Sometimes commercial fishermen cut them up and haul them away to have the...
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    Transducer tribulations

    I have had problems with my sensors not being picked up on the NMEA network. Go into one of your displays and be sure that the 810 is being seen on the network- "Device List", and then be sure that under the "source" list the box is checked next to the 810 under the speed sensor source.
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    Racer Cruisers for Tall People

    Those anchor locker bulkheads can be dangerous!
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    Fixed mount GPS with remote mic

    I have installed and used both, my preference is the SH over the Icom, if only for relative ease of installation of the remote connector, and the fact that the Icom connector is much more easily damaged by inadvertent contact with the plug.
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    3.5hp 4 stroke Mercury

    If you're in a pinch finding a wire small enough, the wire portion of a twist tie from a bread bag is a good size, and always around.
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    Antifouling timing out?

    In my experience (>10yrs with VC offshore, 25 yrs ago) VC even when new requires regular wiping. For me it became too onerous, and I switched to a burnishable hard paint with a higher copper content 15yrs ago. VC is the fastest paint, but also the least forgiving, IMHO. I'm in NC, brackish...
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    ISO - J/27 No connection
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    Luff Tape frays

    Sew a thin piece of 1oz nylon up and over the top of the luff tape.
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    Bow navigation light ID

    Surprisingly, they actually can be legal, at least here in the states.
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    Fastening to LDPE

    I used stainless t nuts.
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    Sprucing up a 40-year-old Nordic

    Don't think that!  That's a smooth, fair bottom and a LOT of waterline!  
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    Sprucing up a 40-year-old Nordic

    Sorry I didn't get to see you while she was out.  I went down and did a drive-by each time I went down to the bee.  I am glad to see you replaced the through-hulls for the cockpit drains, it looked like the boat may have been near some stray current at one point!  She's a behemoth out of the water!
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    Tips on deck hatch removal?

    That sucks.  Is the hatch flanged or flat-bottomed?  If flat, try to get a wire (guitar string?) under the hatch, wrap the ends of the wire around some comfortable dowels, and get to working the wire laterally through the sealant.  If too labor intensive, a vibrating saw can help, with the...