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    Nexus NX2 network connector

    Check out Chicago Marine Electronics, look at the bottom of the link, the have 4 pole Jack's.  May take a call to see if they have what ya want.
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    Wot Izit?

    So what is the outcome?  Based on the waterline stripes, looks like it could be an X Yacht to me.
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    What's at your bird feeder?

    Had to pull my feeders, a Coopers Hawk was using it as a buffet, and the Mrs didn't like seeing it eating finches on the back fence.  Sorry no pics
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    Is it a cult?? Stick-shifters (if there are any) unite....

    I had a 73 Chevy van to tow my Star back in the 80's and that was the only automatic I have owned.  My 70 Ghia was an auto stick, but I have since dropped a 4 speed in it, much more fun to drive.  There is a facebook page I believe something like save our 4 speed or something like that.
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    Cruising the coast of Poland

    Thanks for the comments and info
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    Cruising the coast of Poland

    Hi can anyone share some insight to cruising the coast of Poland in august? Trying to decide if I will join a friend for a week.
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    Booze. Whatcha drinking

    my nickles worth. Washington is doing some great small batch stuff. Dry Fly gin and vodka make great martinis. Heritage in Gig Harbor has a nice double barrel bourbon. Went well in the aged egg nog I made for Christmas. Still have a bit left gets better the longer it sits.
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    Dyneema vs. Heat-set Dyneema for Lifelines

    Thanks i am looking at the wr2, and wasnt sure if the johnson turnbuckle or lashing was tthe way to go.
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    Dyneema vs. Heat-set Dyneema for Lifelines

    Max how much creep has there been after a couple years. Assume you used the 4mm?
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    Joaquin is now a hurricane...Plan ahead

    Mark, heading to Vermont tomorrow from Seattle, looks like it may make it up there early next week? Guess we should take foulies??
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    Sea Scout Ship Odyssey could use some help

    Thanks for the heads up, I don't get the Tacoma paper. I was a scout on the delivery from Oak Harbor when it was donated by the Navy. Anyone that wants to help a great program can donate through a Fundy site.
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    adding cruising spin halyard

    agreed, unfortunately doesn't have the pre drilled spinnaker crane ready for the bail!
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    adding cruising spin halyard

    sorry not sure what you mean or if you are joking? There is a VHF antenna coax, and a tube for a masthead light. The only wind instrument I have is not shown in the picture, a Windex.
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    adding cruising spin halyard

    thanks I found this link after searching for spinnaker cranes, had not found it with other searches. I faxed them a request for a quote, however, based on descriptions it looks like my masthead is a hybrid. thanks, following your idea, went to Rigrite, they have Kenyon parts.
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    adding cruising spin halyard

    Chris, this is what I am looking for. thanks