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    Help with well known yacht broker dispute

    This is probably a bad idea... Clean is probably right the smart thing is to move along.... but if you want to have some fun.... Tell the broker you just remembered some things about the history of the boat... and you feel obliged to call the new owner since you have a friendship with them...
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    opinions on below deck layout..

    Think that sink is useless, especially when on starboard... better have the seacock on the drain closed. U/L shapes usually get the sink more on centerline, less likely the sink goes below the waterline.
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    A big project!

    Pete is the lease holder on the building, and was sub-letting space to Leo... being landlord, paid employee and friend seems a potential for conflict to arise. Latest videos seem to show the shed getting packed full of stuff... wonder if Tally Ho growing with more employee's and Pete's desire...
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    i done did it

    1) Russia invaded Ukraine 2) gas went to $5 a gallon in the USA 3) Russia hacked the SA forums... or something like that 4) read post #1 of this thread Then you are up-to-speed... or not... who knows really
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    i done did it

    What's the story... or reckless speculation?
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    Sad Sack 12?

    Looks like it was re-floated in the last day or two... don't know the story, but a couple guys seemed to be checking on it today...
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    Sad Sack 12?

    Sad Sack was moved from Sarn's place to the east (down river). A life jacket was hung from the back stay as a navigation warning... then today, when we went past it... looks like it's getting some more time resting under the water...
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    World Sailor Classification Group 1/ Group 3

    Ok, I can be fair, reading more about it, my mind can be opened, golf does seem to allow more leeway... interesting. That doesn't mean I'm fully convinced the grey area of sailmakers and some in the marine industry should be ignored... golf is individual... sailing is a crew, with owners having...
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    World Sailor Classification Group 1/ Group 3

    @Gouvernail - what sports are you talking that have significant amateur status? Not trying to be a dick, looking for good examples. The best example I can think of is golf. The USGA US Amateur Championship is a highly noteworthy accomplishment... Bobby Jones, Jack Nicholas, Tiger Woods... and...
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    World Sailor Classification Group 1/ Group 3

    @Gouvernail i have no issue with you, I understand it's not the way you want it... but we live in different worlds apparently. Helpless people to me are people that don't know where there next meal is coming from... people getting abused, especially kids... people that are overcome by...
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    World Sailor Classification Group 1/ Group 3

    Life isn't black and white... you describe another grey area... probably much, much closer to white, and no one would argue you should be Cat-3. But can you see how a conflict of interest could happen? As you're a physician, you can do everything you think is right, and if the patient doesn't...
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    software upgrade update

    Works for me, same as before... takes you to the first post you haven't read...
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    World Sailor Classification Group 1/ Group 3

    To me, this is the problem. You are trying to make the issue black & white, it isn't. We all agree taking money/compensation to race makes you a pro. But there is a lot of gray-areas... if someone has that boat wiring business... if they win a lot of races because they are good... even on a...
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    well, this is broken to the point of unuseability...

    Easy there internet bad ass...
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    I550 Questions

    PM sent