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    Buy or not to buy a 40ft sail boat - where to keep it?

    Only replying to this because when I was first starting out I had a lot of questions like this, and never saw any comprehensive answers via google search results. Maybe this will help out some aspirational 20 year old doing their own research. In the bay area, occasionally you'll see 22-35'...
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    Looking for advice on East Coast relocating

    Might end up relocating to Wilmington, NC Currently hamming it up with J/105 fleet #1 in San Francisco. Based on some initial research it's looking like there's barely even a PHRF fleet in Wilmington. That's going to be quite a culture shock. Looks like there's some offshore racing out of...
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    J105 Ventilation

    Are you trying to prevent humidity build up I really struggled with this on my boat, finally broke down and got a name brand 70 pint decompessor dehumidifier. It was about $200. That's way cheaper than the number of hinges and tools that corroded before I bought this thing. This is in San...
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    j105 single handed

    If anyone can share some photos of that their under deck hydraulic setup, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've climbed around in my lazarette a couple times now but I don't see how there's a clean line to the quadrant as I've got hoses that intersect the parallel to the quadrant. In particular...
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    Which Class will replace the offshore double hander in Olympics

    Wildcard option: International 12 meter Huge international presence, existing/active world championship, look great on TV, and there's enough sitting in boneyards or rotting at anchor that even a poor country could compete by restoring an older model Jamacan Bobsled style. I see a turn-key one...
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    Is there an option for a retractable bow sprit, or has that era passed now
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    Will there be a third wave?

    With newfound interest in containing covid, new cases ought to be dropping again in the data, just in time for everyone to travel to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving and cross-infect each other again
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    NMEA2000 to Fastnet (B&G) converter?

    This was covered in these two threads recently  Since you can't be bothered to use the search function I'll repeat it again here You'll need to find out which of your FFD displays are NEMA capable. It'll be the one with the blue and red wires, probably attached to your GPS's NMEA0183 output...
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    Humidity on a Boat

    Two year update: Well the float switch on my 70 pint humidifier kept triggering the unit and turning it off. Taped the switch in the "off" position semi-permanently. Dehumidifier drains out via hose anyways. Since April has kept the boat between 48% and 60% day and night, no issues.  I leave...
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    B&G Vulcan Reviews?

    I've had the Vulcan 7 (or "Vulcan 7R", the latest revision for two seasons now in SF area. It is mounted in the nav station. I like it a lot better than the black and white circa 2001 Garmin GPSMAP 472 it replaced. I've wired up my Standard Horizon GX2200 to provide AIS via yacht devices...
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    New B&G plotter talk to really old B&G stuff?

    I ordered a Yacht Devices YDNG-03N from here, about $150. You'll need a NMEA 2000 "starter kit" to power and network it to anything ($50-100), the brand doesn't matter. And attached it to the... blue and purple? Blue and red? Blue and red...
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    J4x maintenance costs

    $4,000 for haul out and paint every other year $5,000 for rigging every 10 years My boat is going on 20 years now and I think we sunk about $2000 last year grafting the existing NMEA0183 B&G Hydra 2000 system into a NEMA 2000 chartplotter, as well as a V-60B AIS transponder radio, next...
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    A prediction: the only four consumer target areas where "new" boats will sell

    We're in our mid 30s dual income and were able to buy a used mid-30' J boat, and a house that's not completely falling apart and we're doing pretty ok among our peer group. At some point we're looking at upgrading to something like a used 40.7 or J/120 for future family expansion. We buy one new...
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    Herd Immunity or Culling The Herd?

    Herd immunity seems to be the solution to the Zika virus epidemic. Remember the magic virus that would shrink your child's brain to the size of a prune? Broad theory is that there's not enough mosquitoes for zika to propagate in more temperate areas, while tropical areas the local population has...
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    Mini Globe Race 2024 - Classe Mini 580

    5.80 rules explicitly ban LiFePo4 (the safe lithium chemistry) batteries, demand only AGM used Banning lithium batteries in 2000 might have made sense, they were pretty exotic, expensive and popular chemistries were dangerous. At least a third of cruisers are investing in lithium batteries...