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    Southern Ocean Heating - re: "Irreversible" on SA headline

    On the bright side, he had recently been vaccinated , so it was another damning statistic adding to the number of people dying within a month of getting vaccinated.
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    Southern Ocean Heating - re: "Irreversible" on SA headline

    I had a friend who argued that emissions from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) were not damaging the atmosphere. I am a fairly open minded fellow, so we decided to test his thesis. He agreed to be locked in his garage with the engine to his pick up running. I will miss our conversations.
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    Help with well known yacht broker dispute

    What is your claim? Specifically what is the legal basis for your claim?
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    Help with well known yacht broker dispute

    That there is the most useful commentary on the thread. 20% on the sale of a multi-million dollar yacht is more than dinner. Hell, I bet you could have found a lawyer 6 years ago to whip up something for you for $500 and had the broker pay for is less than the cost of having a...
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    Help with well known yacht broker dispute

    This is the piece that would bother me about any claim you might have It is one thing if owner of the vessel or the broker referred all inquiries to you, and your phone number appeared on the listing. But if this is a prospective buyer doing his own due diligence by checking in with former...
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    What's at stake with NBR Misconduct rule 69?

    The puppet stated unambiguously that the good doctor suffers from a clinical personality disorder. When this gets out hundreds of New Jersey residents are going to seek their ass lifts elsewhere. Fear not, Clean stands ready and able to file suit on your behalf for tortious interference and...
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    Racing rules question regarding rule 18 and overlap.

    And in the US, if a Brit asks if he can bum a fag off you, he will get hit by the water bottle again instead of a cigarette.
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    Who Knew This Would Be A Problem For Our Lakes?

    The tiny critters adhere to anything animate or inanimate and pretty soon destroy everything else in the lake
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    What's at stake with NBR Misconduct rule 69?

    When he was told that there was an "h" in Rhode Island (by no less than Snaggy), the OP responded that "It is all a Libtard conspiracy. Only sheeple would put an h in Rode. My form. My spelling! I do not intend to apologize !"
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    What to ask for a Crown 34?

    The best boats are the sold boats. Its the ones that are for sale by owner on a SA thread that are a bit sketchy.
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    You Are All Whiny Assed Pussies

    Except that according to wikipedia "A tomb of the Chinese Shang Dynasty dating back to the 11th century BCE shows what may be the first cast copper money Tong Bei. Coinage was in widespread use by the Warring States period and the Han Dynasty. Also a lot of coins in China had a hole through the...
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    OK, so what really happened?

    Did I hear a voice from the crushed yacht say "Hey Asshole" That was a pretty spectacular broadside.......If nobody was severely hurt, I would be surprised and relieved.
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    You Are All Whiny Assed Pussies

    No, but they have ample facial hair, which works just as well.
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    culture club

    Photo shopped all the anchor lines out of the image.