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    Great Circle Sails?

    Can't speak to quality of sails but Brian used to work with us and stole the customer list when he left to set up Great Circle Sails. He also slandered the company in communications with some of our clients. The highlight of his departure was when he convinced a customer that he had already been...
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    Copper Load in Trinidad SR Colors?

    Might have to look at the label on the can itself. Last time I did a bottom job the red had higher copper content. Probably the same now.
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    Our boat is for sale

    Seems like just yesterday we were in La Cruz watching you untie the docklines for the Pacific crossing. This would be tempting if I were in the market.
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    Instruments after voltage spike

    The Scampi 30 I just bought has a nice set of older but non-working instruments with the exception of the depthsounder which was recently replaced. The seller explained to me that an alternator regulator went TU and the instruments failed as a result of the voltage spike. He thought that...
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    Simple shore power set-up question

    I've emailed a question to find out if there is actually some protection built into the adapter. In other words, is it designed to trip something if more than 15A is being pulled through it.
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    Simple shore power set-up question

    Good point. I'd have to watch the loads. I would't use a charger that puts out more than 6 or 10 amps.
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    Simple shore power set-up question

    Our new to us Scampi 30 doesn't have any sort of shore power installed. Really the only thing we need to run is a battery charger and have a single outlet to charge batteries for tools and electronics. I'm thinking about using this Dockside 30A to 15A with GFCI adapter with a good outdoor rated...
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    FX Sails?

    I've had some clients who came to us after similar experiences with FX and Peak. Some waited too long to file their credit card disputes and lost their money. I think if people did some research on the internet before ordering, they'd figure out the old axiom "if it seems too good to be true, it...
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    Farymann Diesel

    Yes to relatively inexpensive. Admittedly concerned about parts availability since if the diesel can't be economically repaired, I'd have a boat with zero economic value.
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    Farymann Diesel

    I was checking out a 4ksb today with an old Farymann 12hp diesel. Thinking about buying the thing, but a bit leery about the Farymann because I've heard parts can be a bear to find. Anyone with firsthand experience dealing with a Farymann single cyl? Starts right up and doesn't smoke so that's...
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    What to do with older sails v.good / excellent from 1980's?

    Omitted from this list is Masthead Enterprises in St Pete. I've known the owner since the 1990's when I lived in FL and he's honest in his dealings.
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    Pearson 419 info

    390 lacked a pass-through which the 4xx's had. One cool thing on the 390 is they originally came with an underwater viewing port. Many have probably been glassed over but check under the berth in aft cabin if you're ever on one.
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    recommend me a headsail furler.

    We're the US distributor/importer for Reefit furlers out of Tasmania. It's a superb cruising furler that's been well proven for decades in Australia. Exchange rates are favorable so prices are better than Harken and it's a better made unit. I sent you a PM.
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    Precision Sail Loft /Contender CDX experiences to share?

    Randall, I think you've got your answer regarding the loft. As for the cloth, the CDX is fine. Another cloth to consider is Dimension Polyant's CXI. We're designing a main right now for an Aphroidite 101 that we'll use the DP cloth for. If you are in the GTA as your profile notes, you...
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    Freedom 40 Cat/Ketch

    Actually the 39 came in 2 versions. The one with the deck salon was actually a schooner. The more conventional aft cockpit design was a cat ketch. I know one guy who sailed both quite a bit and he said the ketch was the better sailing of the two. I had one of the ketches and it sailed pretty well.