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    Help with Kiwi 22 Mini Ton

    I have a Kiwi mini ton. Just looked, does not have a hull I'd number on the transom I have a title with the number on it. Message me I'll try to help.
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    Michael Masi.....the worst PRO of all time?

    What’s a F1 car rate?
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    J22 spreaders

    Need spreaders for a J22. Does anyone have a set that I can purchase?  
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    Boats out of place

    Looks like a Benateau 42  
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    what is it?

    The bow is not sharp enough to be an Evelyn 26. Looks almost like the bow of a Cal 29
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    What was it?

    Have tried to buy it. Sadly not for sale. Sitting at Cracker Boy. Riviera Beach, Florida. 
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    What was it?

    I took them yesterday. 
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    What was it?

    Should be easy. 
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    what is it?

    Tartan 30?
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    ID this PHRF low budget ride

    Not a Wavelength 24. Cabin top is wrong. Looks like a Kirby 25
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    Help me out with some MORC History

    We reluctantly sold it about 17 years ago. It was in Titusville. Have been looking for it for the past few years. Would love to have it back. Heard it was damaged in a hurricane.  
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    Help me out with some MORC History

    I also had Music. Sunny Too had a conventional rudder. Looked to be off a Wavelengths 24, and a double spreader B&R rig. Great boat. 
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    Help me out with some MORC History

    We also owned Sunny Too. Creekmore 23. Very fast in light air. 
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    Help me out with some MORC History

    Dennis Conner had a Choate 27. Menace. Not a Sov 26.