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    Why isn't melges making scows?

    Melges just announced last year that it had made a new escow mold yet they haven't made an escow in a year. I've heard that they're moving production over seas so is that why they're not making boats? I know people who have boats in order and they've been told they won't get a boat till 2023-24...
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    Don't give unexperienced kids expensive boats

    that's very true. my skipper who has at least 40 years in me got pushed up on a finnish and hit the rc boat in an e scow. put quite the hole in it it so i can happen to anyone. but in this case the skipper left the chute up for to long and that is what caused their problem
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    Don't give unexperienced kids expensive boats

    scows don't like waves so if there are waves in lake michigan you don't want to sail an e on it.
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    Don't give unexperienced kids expensive boats

    my skipper wasn't able to sail at the wawasee e scow regatta so he let me skipper it there. I'm 15 and i didn't have a super amount of knowledge but i was taught the basics and to bail if need be!
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    Don't give unexperienced kids expensive boats

    That was me! we got a new boat i and i sailed it as a juinor(with experienced crew) I had more tiller time than the other boat aswell and didn't crash!
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    Don't give unexperienced kids expensive boats

    my lake (spring lake MI) isn't very wide. a wind shift came in and it was out of the north (they went into the south shore) and by the time they went to take it down they had no room to head down and could get it in. It's my skippers old boat that he's letting juniors sail and he thought they...
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    Don't give unexperienced kids expensive boats

    crazy one from week night racing. They were all under the age of 18 and kicked the experienced person off.
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    Big guy 2 person dinghy

    C scows are great for about you and your buddies weight range
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    e scow jib height

    my skipper just got a new(to us) boat and we're coming from an older boat which has an adjustable forestay. with the old boat the job cunningham came up from the deck and attached to the tack. the new boat only tensions the halyard and the tack just ties to fitting on the deck. does and one know...
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    The only reason we're isolating Russia and not China is because we rely on China for almost everything we use in america. china creates 21.1% of everything in the us. And without us, china loses it's largest business partner.
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    Beads on halyards

    on butterflys we do that but 1. we don't use dyeenama and 2. theres a lot less pressure on the main on a butterfly then a 505. but even on the butterflys they slip. 
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    Tunisian FX Sailor in Fatal Accident

    I really hope this doesn't ruin the sport for her sister.
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    How smooth is smooth enough ?

    it's a mix really. most of the E scows have polished bottoms but i know of a few of the MC's having 400 grit on the bottom. I assume It doesn't matter much because I've seen both win nationals before so i would guess its more of a preference and depends on how you sail the boat.
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    How smooth is smooth enough ?

    This has been an argument among scow sailors for years. Melges is now not polishing the bottoms of their boats and some people are really happy with is and some are super mad about it. i heard both being correct and it really depends on boat to boat. Polishing the rudder and the daggerboard will...
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    New Moth revealed

    Anyone else thinks it kinda looks like American Magics AC75?