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  • "Reminding" true......my ex wife 'reminded' me every fucking day and today all I have is the 'settlement statement' to 'remind' me how 'costly' the truth is. 

    Oh dear, you shouldn't have mentioned this. I am in the middle of a very bad divorce. 

    Enjoying your comments and also adjucation like Boucanville and the lady/man.

    Well, Jack, your response to Sea in BWTF #7883 was very civilized.  In my non-role of politeness man prefect, I wanted to applaud the restraint.  I have largely stopped commenting, in part because I am far too busy with the subject at hand, but also because so much of the discourse is founded on an unwillingness to look more deeply into the subject.

    In any case, I wanted to acknowledge your actions.



    Hey Capt Jack, where did you get your avatar pic?  Gives a chuckle every time I see it...


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