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    West Marine Has No F'N Dyneema??????

    I doubt that the source of the Dyneema Shortage is a phalanx of delivery skippers making jacklines. +1 to the "I'll buy your old ones" conversation.
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    ClubSwan 41 - soft launch or floating an idea?

    These boats will *never* get out of sight of the nearest Aperol Spritz or Charcuterie board. The only thing a nav station offers to people racing in the Club Swan fleets is a nice stable location to write salary checks for their professional crew .
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    Gunboat, Man O War ?

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    Young and Full of Promise

    What's the latest, Ian?
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    Vineyard Race 2022

    You don’t know how spot on you are.
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    New Rambler

    Surprised George David let the name go
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    Vineyard Race 2022

    Jeez. Does the skipper of Atalanta know his navigator is castigating the OA from the racecourse rather than navigating?
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    Vineyard Race 2022

    Snaggy, Espo, J__T and dacapo. All bullshitting about the vineyard race. The more things change the more things stay the same. Forecast looks slow, Jeff. I know you might want to get around the race course “chop chop” but maybe relax and enjoy the view on deck. Edit: glad the life raft...
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    Spinnaker logo should be a dolphin
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    Club Racing Protest Hearings

    Okay, then implement 3 minute justice only in the case of protests without damage. I find that it comes from people who are uncomfortable with admitting fault and would rather fight it out than admit they were wrong on the racecourse.
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    Dehler 46

    Hi Jeff 400k for a nicely setup used 2011 xp44 - 375K for a nicely setup used 2015 Dehler 46 - Easy choice
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    Dehler 46

    Skip the dehler and buy an xp44. 46 is strange, slow, and unwieldy in comparison
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    Club Racing Protest Hearings

    Three minute justice. Look it up.
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    Club Swan 80 (From the FP)

    I like it, a lot. Good looking boat.
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    Pacific Cup 2022 - 91 entries and waitlist started

    Was it? Not declared on their rating. Code zero is fine unless its <75% SMG