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    Zhik Superwarm vs. Rooster Shin Tech

    I don't use the pads ...
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    Zhik Superwarm vs. Rooster Shin Tech

    Haven't used the Rooster, but as a newby Laser sailor I sailed the frostbite series in Rhode Island last winter in the Zhik Superwarm farmer john and was fine (used a standard Ronstan neoprene top under a spray jacket on top) ... despite swimming more than most.
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    Velux 5 Oceans

    from Velux Tweet ... Gutek just took second place by 40 seconds - a finish time of 1840 UTC for him and 18:40:40 for CSM.
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    Fred is in SO much trouble

    BIAM, keep writing its the only way to make sense of it for some of us
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    Virtual VOR game

    Anyone figure out how to change speed and distance from Kilometers to Knots?
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    Ah, the glory of the sportboat

    Looked like fun, but no mention of how things worked out the day before, when the was a bit more upwind work?
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    Race Day 1

    Working fine for me ...