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    Wheel covering material

    So stainless steel, an iron compound with added carbon, counts as organic?
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    under new management

    You’ve certainly been amusing for all these years
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    J36 - J35 Bulkheads

    I had similar worries about my j-33 a s I was in the process of selling, turned out to be solid fg.
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    unusual scoring question

    nice, thank you.  The ban is from 'all club activities', under club bylaws.  The skipper did come to the racing area, start, apparently sail the course, and submit a finish time.  It was a rabbit start and self submitted times under our SIs.  They did not attend the required skippers meeting...
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    unusual scoring question

    So hypothetically, when doing the scoring calculations for a clubs season long series of weekend races, if a competitor got banned from the club activities mid way through the series, how should their score be carried ?  Its low score, no throw outs, so DSE / DSQ isn't relevant, DSQ seems right...
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    Was Suggested a Rule 69 for This Risky COVID Behavior

    The COVID protocols at the club were all instituted by the board and officers, so probably an ad hoc committee.  They had effectively given up racing in 2020 and struggled to get organized this year, with poor attendance compared to previous years. the regatta org was also very  late and, shall...
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    Was Suggested a Rule 69 for This Risky COVID Behavior

    Probably correct, I’m under the impression that something like >half of the boats had the skipper or a rep complain to the pro and/or rc and more individuals, so I would expect it to proceed in any case, as a process of the event rather than the club.
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    Was Suggested a Rule 69 for This Risky COVID Behavior

    1.) dnc the whole second day, which had the only races.  day one was a bust. So, no awards possible. 2.) not specifically, but the club operated under the state guidelines at the time of the event.  basically masks on indoors and/or when social distancing not possible.  ok to remove when seated...
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    Was Suggested a Rule 69 for This Risky COVID Behavior

    It was not at all standing room only and unventilated.there was plenty of room to spread out, most people were seated, and only about 50 altogether present.
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    After childhood--what keeps us hooked on sailing?

    In the us anyway, most team sports have a similar problem.  How do you play baseball without getting on a college team or going pro after high school? For example.  Old retired guys softball league? Very attractive to a 20 yr old, not great player, but likes the game.  You make the cut and have...
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    Introducing PNW ORC: free ORC certs!

    Fine nits, but remember the context was analyzing the big boat fleet ratings, not many with high phrf numbers, and at the time very very few ( if any) small boats in the overall fleet had Orc certs, soo..  he used what there was.
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    Trailerable Dinghy/Small Keelboat recommendations for PNW?

    Ranger20, great pelican, Highlander, flying scot, lightning, sj 21. All come to mind immediately. I’d not pick a thistle, no nice way to overnight, and pretty easy to roll.  No flotation or etc. fun boats to race for sure.
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    Sailing / Windsurfing Conditions in Bellingham, WA?

    typically the wind is s-sw  about 85% of the time, and a normal forecast is 5-15 s-sw.  systems usually come through about every 10 days or so in the winter, and are mostly southwesterlies 15-25 ish.  Several times a year oct-april, winds in the 35-50 knot range, once a year or so one might be...
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    Camona Island - Utsalady Mooring Buoys

    Quite possible you won’t even make uts, maybe look at freehome.
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    Camona Island - Utsalady Mooring Buoys

    Could be amusing to single hand