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    Rebuild, replace, repower

    Yeah, grabbing by the outside would definitely be a bad plan.  I checked with the shop today that did the one where shaft was unavailable.  They said they put couplings on on a dummy shaft section.  That while not ideal, and slightly more expensive as I remembered, it can be done when there...
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    Rebuild, replace, repower

    Really?  Guess I learned something new, my bad!   As a general rule we always send it all together, since that's the best way to go, but I had to have one done without.   Other than mentioning it would cost a bit more(and it did) I didn't hear of any issue with it from the machine shop. EDIT...
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    Rebuild, replace, repower

    Just watch out with some(PB blaster incl) around seals.  Give things a good blast with heat fMaybe not an issue since you're considering rebuild, but often gets forgotten with stuff like that ATF/acetone mix. Good practice to take it off, clean it and reinstall it, good time to get the face...
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    The Kraken cup Not quite a fleet of SJ24s but looks like there is some drifting involved.
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    Recommend a ratchet crimper One like this.  Not quite as nice as the Pro-HST, but you can buy alternative die sets, it also covers 8ga.    I like it better than the FTZ/generic parallel jaw ones, because it delivers a better crimp, and you can...
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    Modern wiring standards

    Yes, non adhesive heat shrink is not very useful for this.  I don't think I've even had any around in years. 
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    Modern wiring standards

    If you don't want to have to fuck around with it again, put a bit of heat shrink large enough to join from sheath to sheath if joining 2 multi conductors.  If not, I like a bit of heak shrink shrunk full over the outer sheath, a bit over the start of the multi conductor wire, and less so as it...
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Thanks.  A rubber chicken would be a totally suitable mascot for such an event. 
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    1982 J/36 for $20K... issues?

    Guess they put the bow back on on that one? 
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    Question regarding tape.

    heat shrink to hull tape.  White UV resistant, clean removal for 6 months.
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist 1985 Sailboat Com-pac Yacht live aboard - $3900 18' liveaboard for 4k$  good deal....
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist I'm 80yo can't do it myself anymore, have 35yrs experience to share with the right person, have made a very good living/lifestyle. You own and operate, I'll consult so you don't make mistakes. It's a great business...
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Someone pay for the food and I'll go and take the duck along, not sure I have Rimas's flair or drifting navigation abilities though...
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    Tattoo 26- WTF???

    Don't forget people who have had to fix the fucking things. Those people hate them too.  I remeber the hardest part about glassing one that bumped a dock was not cutting through the hull during the grind for a bevel  We literally ended up sanding it to try and get a decent bond width.   Never...
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Where the boats are.