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    ASTA Great Lakes United Tallship Challenge 2010

    Is the Green Bay to Chicago schedule still 8/12-8/29? I have a 16 year old daughter that has been on me for a couple years to do a tall ship cruise. we were already planning to come up from Louisville to the chicago stop.
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    East Coast Championships

    Not from our point of view on the Toy Tiger! We even had extra help. The guy in blue with the cape flew in & said he could help. Turns out he was a newbie.
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    FT 10 Winter Series Pensacola 2009

    Yeah, I learned that at St. Pete NOODS last year. Never did make it to bed that night.
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    FT 10 Winter Series Pensacola 2009

    am unfamiliar with this tactic. how exactly do you carry off BOTH??
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    Panthera Mast collapse

    Niice touch with the "ft" logo. question though, does it still meet one design criteria?
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    FT 10 Winter Series Pensacola 2009

    Here's your challenge, climber: respond to this before you get back from Pense, & I buy teh next round of killers! Oh yeah, tell river "nice job on the forestay" for me!
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    FT 10 Winter Series Pensacola 2009

    we could have stayed out, but with no one else out there, we weren't even sure if the race was being scored. Turns out they did, & we brought back a pretty nice peanut bowl. we sure did nail the start though! Hahahahah.
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    FT 10 Winter Series Pensacola 2009

    Hey now owlslick,, we didn't ALL take a break on Sunday. We on the Toy Tiger manned up. Actually, it wasn't a whole lot diffferent from Friday. It let off a bit from before the start. We did manage to hit 17.55 knots on Friday!!!!!