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    Topside Wax?

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    boat purchase scam.

    You will also see this scam tried if you have property for rent -> “My firm is transferring me from London to California and I would like to lease the property shown in the ad. I will be sending you a check for X ***which is always far in excess of the actual move-in costs*** amount of USD...
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    Wiring from Scratch How-To

    Here is the great article exactly on topic: It covers good/bad tools, cutting, crimping, using heat shrink, selecting quality parts and wire, etc. Results in crimped connections like this:
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    Long Beach Bottom Cleaner

    Another vote for Keith Ives.
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    i550 & Boat Building School

    Pickles, check your personal messages. Kevin, I’ll be there.
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    i550 & Boat Building School

    kmac, you have a knack for negotiating re the C-tech rig, how about getting a class sail deal like the Viper guys have going -> Hyde Sail Deal
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    which winch?

    Not that they need another vote, but here it is: Andersen.
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    That makes three sets of plans to ABYC members.
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    Frankenstein - From the front page

    Wooden Boat article lotsa photos: Chalanas
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    Second the Nexus -> relatively inexpensive, reliable, great displays and upgradeable. The basic "NX" package will give you everything on your list. Nexus homepage Chicago Marine Electronics usually has some pretty good prices. Chicago Marine
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    old article; plywood home-built sportboat from Europe

    Dudley Dix DiDi26? IIRC the story was on one being (since finished) built in Sweden. One in Canada for sale
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    6.5M and under

    Go here: i550 Class website check the forums & build blogs.
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    Someone needs to develop a bacteria that only eats Cal 20's. :)
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    Small world. We’re also members @ ABYC.
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    Another one in SoCal, plans for #162 arrived on Saturday. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’m liking Andrew’s rig on TTB. ~80mm drawn tube with an attached sail track and built-up tube spreaders.