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    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    GER72 at auction
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    Fancy a well known F40 Trimaran in the U.K. for not a lot ?

    Repair /reinforce the bow,  put a sleeve in that mast, laminate it back together. Not that hard, cool toy for cheap. Go sailing for a summer and build a wing mast next winter.   Some old F40 spars (usually alloy) are popping up for sale here and there occasionally as well. Winter after that...
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    Fancy a well known F40 Trimaran in the U.K. for not a lot ?

    New listing with updated pictures: Seems like the forestay attachment got ripped off the bow.
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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Why? They've just got shown ineos boat 3....
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    Grainger 8.5 and hull design article.

    I haven't started, and to be honest I might never start. Work is getting in the way, I've been basically living and working in Italy, Sweden and Switzerland for the last couple of years, so not a lot of time to spend in my own shed in the Netherlands.  On the other hand, it would be one of the...
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    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Hell yeah, girls who go through so much shit and are still giggling happily, wifey material right there. Awaiting for your YouTube channel Jess, show some sideboob and you'll have half of the forum subscribed instantly. I'll subscribe even without, forgot what tits even look like anyway.
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    Mini Globe Race 2024 - Classe Mini 580

    No, it's built over frames. Not really one design either with all the different options for plywoods and glass. Plenty of room to play with the hull shape a little as well, few mills here and there are easily blamed on poor alignment and bad craftsmanship. Classrules are not very tight and...
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    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale? Ex Telefonica blue coming up for auction next month.
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    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale?

    So ABN 2, the White one, boat 1 is still in Abu Dhabi on the parking lot. But whatever happened to black Betty, Delta Lloyd, ABN 1? Anyone know the whereabouts?
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    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    Yes, hundreds of them.
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    what is it?

    Lowrider L12 from AST, the foiling dinghy non foiling version.
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    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    Vendée globe seems to do a lot better, probably because it's more of a race than a sponsor village world tour, with a few boats following it around to put some kind of 'extreme' story behind it. Stop selling the race to sponsors and start selling it to people again. 
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    Foiling Minis 6.50 - The new Breed

    It's on Marc Lombard's website. Been looking for a design, this one might be it. 
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    Foiling Minis 6.50 - The new Breed

    Interesting hull. 
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    dutch ac entry

    Withdrawal from AC, shift of resources to the Ocean race, start development of a crewed imoca and sailing team, build it in the Netherlands to gain experience in high end race boats. When key positions in management and logistics, sailing, development, and build team are filled and have gained...