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    "Zero Emissions" by 2035?!?

    OTR transport can probably move to a system of switchable battery pack modules at truck stops. Basially pay a leaseing fee per mile on the battery pack and do a <5 minute switch at the swap station. Should be more efficient that transporting extra battery capacity around.
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    29er sailing without jib

    The joy of Sailing anarchy is that posters include the designer of the 29er and the guy who knows they could have done it better, and the first time you read one of theirs posts its not always obvious which one you are talking to. I'd say its always legitimate to question the provenance of a...
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    Rules question - defining the start line after the start.

    Let's talk about Scottish Independence then.
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    Rules question - defining the start line after the start.

    It doesn't say that; it says: If the mark has moved and the RC has not replaced it or substituted it, then the mark is still the mark, wherever it happens to be. In the case described if as soon as the mark moved the RC deployed a pin boat with an M flag then that pin boat would immediately...
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    Rules question - defining the start line after the start.

    Depends on exactly what is written in the SI's. there is no 'general' answer to this question if th Si's are written properly the answer should be obvious.
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    Rules question - defining the start line after the start.

    Basically whatever points the SI's state. It's pretty common in many UK clubs for the Race Committee to be ashore the transit is usually defined by the mast that the flags are run up and some other feature which could also be ashore or could be a mark on the water. Usually in combination with...
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    boat weight one design

    50-80lb on an e-scow will make a difference. (its >5% of the weight of the boat) Light crew will not help (most of the time), you mainly want that crew weight hiking not parasitic in the boat. If you can't take the weight out of the boat then use if while you learn and look for a lighter boat.
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    Rules question - defining the start line after the start.

    Brass has answered this, though perhaps not in the most transparent way. The RC doesn't get to arbitrarily decide this its what the SI's state that matters, but RCs make mistakes and its often hard to get them to change their decisions. So the practical answer matters. If the RC actually...
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    Over-boom spinnaker sheeting on a fractional rig

    Standard Soling Championship course the finish is set at an offset to the last gate so there is a run to the gate mark (usually everyone goes to the left gate) , and then a very short reach through the finish line. You can see the orange tet behind the sail, my guess is that the photo was taken...
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    rules : how much room are you entitled to

    As blue you should push yellow up as long as yellow can still avoid the mark. If yellow won't move, protest them, but avoid hitting them and make sure they have enough room to pass the mark. As long as yellow can safely pass between you and the mark, and you don't hit them you can't be dsq'd...
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    Why windward middle and top tell-tales stream up at jib?

    The direct effect of heel is pretty small. There may well be a bigger effect caused by the boat heeling causing wind to deflect upward along the sail, however even in boats being sailed flat you will get the tell tales streaming upward, and will get some 'upwash' from the jib on the windex...
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    Jibing an Asymmetric Spinnaker on a Pole?

    I'm good with the wing on wing thing in general with an asym. I don't understand why it would work with an articulating pole? Is it not better to bring the pole back and go deep? Rather than try to wing it, or is this related to the relative length of the luff and leech? Is there a possible...
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    Heavy Weather Sailing

    Nice find, Bit shocked to see driver one with harness clipped to middle lifeline, when there's clearly a central strong-point for the harness, which driver 2 uses. We're all agreed on the whole point of a harness is to keep you on the boat theory right? Hard to imagine how you would get anyone...
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    Jibing an Asymmetric Spinnaker on a Pole?

    I can't think why you would ant to do this if you have an articulating pole. Wing on wing mode has its place with some sprit boats, but the whole reason for the pole is to project the 'windward' corner of the kite out away from the main. It's hard to push with a string :).
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    Why windward middle and top tell-tales stream up at jib?

    Really, you can come up with an example that is not totally irrelevant to tell tales streaming, I'm impressed, and want to hear it. The best I can come up with is tell tales steaming vertically downward in stagnant air, which I would consider irrelevant :). Every way I look at steady state...