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    I tried one on holiday many years ago and also found it quite one dimensional. I did however buy a Devoti D-One last year for some blasting and it really rocks! Sails kinda like a Finn upwind, can be quite alarmingly fast on a windy single sail reach, and absolutely peachy downwind with the kite...
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    Electronic warfare

    Sailnjord synchronising a GPS track and GoPro footage together makes a fantastic tool. You get to watch where you mess up but the GPS track means no excuses. I've found that trying to keep top speed up on the GPS read out is of little use. It's the bit's where you slow down that make the real...
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    OK Dingys rock the Solent

    Some great pictures online at Flickr
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    US Portsmouth v2

    Nice video with handicap racing tips from one of the recent big winter handicap events over here.
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    The Melges 15 / Future of American Double Handed Classes

    We had a 59er and it was a great boat, but possibly too far ahead of it's time. Pretty unstable at rest compared to other boats in the same 2 person, hiking asymmetric niche and not a boat to lounge around in easily. Perhaps when the current 29er kids who have grown up messing around in boats...
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    US Portsmouth v2

    One other advantage of average lap racing is if the race officer takes times on every lap, it's entirely possible to roll back to a previous lap if the wind dies suddenly after some boats have finished. In my experience most sailors usually see that as a fair decision from the race officer at...
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    US Portsmouth v2

    Handicap racing, especially on smaller courses isn't just against the clock and there's a whole range of other tactical considerations to tax the sailors brain that you don't see so often in OD racing. Where does a slow, higher pointing boat start compared to faster boats on the start line? How...
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    US Portsmouth v2

    A quick comment on the OD v Handicap thing as they are not mutually exclusive. You could have 5 starts of 5 boat OD fleets, but you could equally have one start with 25 boats and extract both handicap and OD results. You can still race one-to-one with your buddies in Lasers and even if that is...
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    US Portsmouth v2

    That's not obviously true. I know a multi class National Champion who still races regularly at his club in a mixed fleet, because he just loves sailing and we have an ex-Contender World Champ at our club who also loves his club handicap racing. In both cases their races may not be against the...
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    US Portsmouth v2

    I know the US is different from the UK, but here handicap racing is such an integral part of general club sailing, that in the winter 100s of people do drag their boats miles to take part in handicap racing all over the country (not just the big Sailjuice series). In teh summer most clubs in the...
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    US Portsmouth v2

    As others have said, probably 90% of UK dinghy races are run using PY handicaps. It's not perfect, but it's fun and there's a lot of skill in racing in a mixed fleet. To make it even better, try average lap races with a fairly small course and every lap being the same. A lot of clubs aim for...
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    Automatic / fancy / combined controls

    I remember seeing a gooseneck crane on I think an FD. Basically the gooseneck was 4-6" behind the mast on a fixed bracket (and shorter boom). When the boom gets let out it has the effect of easing the outhaul.
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    Is this the fat old sailors Unicorn?

    The class is definitely booming as more affordable, and lighter, alternative to the Finn. The sweet spot for helm weight is around 80-90kgs, but guys do pretty well from 75kg to 110kg or so and tons of room in the cockpit and the Mk4 Dan Leech kit boat from NZ is designed with a target helm...
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    GPS, compass, clock and roll?

    I use the Sailmon Max. Not cheap but excellent display on the water from my experience and gathers tons of information (compass heading, COG, SOG, heel, F/A trim etc etc). Team that with a GoPro and Sailnjord and you have almost everything you might want for post sail analysis. I even manged to...
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    Laser/ILCA Builders

    There's a good video tour of the Ovi factory on FB which shows a few details of the extent they go to for ILCAs. Around 15 minutes in you can see they have a jig to set up the mast rake consistently.  Ovi Factory Tour