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  • I am curious.  Why would you cast a downvote to a post that was an attempt to de-escalate a thread that was developing into hate.   

    Hey Kent H.

    Thanks for the plug. Very much appreciated. It's a shame that no one has picked up on some of our designs for production. They all sell as one-off's though very successfully. My good mate, Laurie Davidson, always told me, you'll never make it as such until you are old and crusty... ha.. I have a few more years before that happens.

    Happy sailing.


    The determination as to which US trailer may best serve the SC20, Haye Kesteloo (Scandinavian Cruisers - USA) has identified and Karavan trailer which works quite well.

    As the first US customer, I would suggest that in spite of a great design, one should seriously investigate the manufacturing g quality. Nis is very good at marketing phraseology but his product fails miserably in the "follow-though" department. Those wishing details may contact me at "[email protected]" Detailed photos are available.

    Understand, this day sa...

    Hi Kent,

    After reading the comments on the thread I realized that readers are now waiting for facts, not for talks, so I finally decided to let down the "global invitation" to join in Annapolis (but still hoping to organize a meeting with you and the team) and asked the team to publish precise feed back on the points that was raised ( in the sailing trials or in the threads)asap.

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