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    Broken A-Cat Mast

    No to a repair, Get a new mast.
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    new stuff in the a-class

    Well said Steve. Stay practical and keep it simple. That's why I went back to hand laminating over foam, without building a mold.
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    2013 A-cat NAs?

    No, Matt did his own boat. LR5 #2 hit's the water in about 10 days.
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    A-Cat tacking with central sheeting system

    At the 2007 Worlds Jan and Meade Gougeon said that Ashby tacked 2 seconds faster than anyone else.
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    Jan Gougeon

    Met Jan and Meade in the late '70's, when I bought a DN kit from them. Wouldn't let me leave the shop until they showed me everything they were doing. Modeled my own business relations after the way they conducted theirs. Never any secrets and always there to help out and give advice. Learned...
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    wing sails for A Class

    Have to make a correction to the Wild Turkey discussion. The boat was owned by Craig Riley. We raced against each other on many occasions and he is still my carbon supplier today. John Lindahl
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    C-Class meeting and goings on

    Steve has my vote. LCD
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    Michigan "Great Lakes" Catamaran Racing

    Go to the USACA website.
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    DNA's arrive in the US

    Ian Lindahl is sailing an LR4, significantly different from the LR2.
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    2011 A cat Worlds

    OK, So who is sailing what and what are the rigs, platforms, boards, etc.
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    A-Class Admiral's Cup Regatta This Weekend

    Why is this 2009 posting here?
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    Good reports, Bob. What's the chatter on mast bend? And is anyone doing well with straight boards?
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    2010 A Cat North Americans

    The 2010 A Cat North Americans at North Cape YC (MI) should be a real winner. 36 boats preregistered with more on the way. Windfinder shows light to moderate with temps around 70. 2010 A-Class North American Championships on Yacht Scoring - A complete web based regatta administration and yacht...
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    Curved daggerboards in A-Class

    When we started building the LR2 and then the LR3 I wanted as stiff a platform as possible. Panel stiffness is directly related to core thickness so I used 9mm Corecell and 6 oz. carbon skins. We have great panel stiffness. When it came to beam attachment I used a four step approach: first was...
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    Iced OTWA

    Great to see Anarchy OTW covering this. Let's hope it warms up some. JL @ LR2/LR3 camp.