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    Modified Farr395's, how are they holding up?

    Unsure. Can’t find the listing to check. New rudder is primo though. 
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    Modified Farr395's, how are they holding up?

    Old School is very much not a stock Farr 395 below the waterline. They went with a low vcg keel like five years ago. I’m not sure what they did with the balsa but the work was done in Rhode Island so presumably it was done well. 
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    2018 Big Boat Challenge

    So when infotrack was loyal they blew up a spinnaker during the SOLAS race and had a new one finished by north in time for the big race. I’ll be surprised if North isn’t able to put together a couple downwind sails for Scallywag in 14 days. 
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    canister gas stoves - how do people deal with safety ?

    Don't forget the tent stakes and 3$ aluminum coffee pots. 
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    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

    via generator
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    You totally could, but I'm not sure if I'd feel overcharged or just sore from craning to see it while out hiking. On a per-screen basis the Prisim seems to be a bargain! 
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    Hobie 33 anyone?

    “Interesting stories” Ask me about the two piece rudder stock. Please. 
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    Bowman and start line distance calling issues

    Why bother? 
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    12 meters in Long Island

    I wish I had the time to post as much as Swabbie does. Hope everyone is well! KE don't let me forget I owe you a call. 
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    2017 Hobie 33 North American Championships

    Well I mean, every time we let Mustang__1 drive the start on Hot Stuff we're either barely early or catastrophically late for the line ;)   Gotta eat your way aft! Mostly trimming front sails these days, some driving, some interesting stuff. Only bow on the Etchells as of recently. 
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    2017 Hobie 33 North American Championships

    Over my dead body.
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    BIRW 2017

    Gonna need a citation for that one. Because I think I know what you're referencing and you likely have the details wrong. 
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    Just a little bit of a plug for a friend organizing a regatta. The Edlu Race is a 32 mile distance race on LIS the weekend after American YC Spring Series in a few weeks time. So far there are 3 J/88s entered in the event and a number that seem interested. The OA has said that they'll give the...
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    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    I accept your nomination for membership to the PHRF board.