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    Engage the Pontoons!!!

    only answer that will work? Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!
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    The Third Booster Shot Debate - Are U going to get the booster?

    my elderly parents got covid 2 weeks back. They had gotten their 5th shot (third booster) that very weekend, so likely not protecting them enough then. my wife's second booster kicked off her Ulcerative Colitis flare that made her really sick for a good 2 months. And with all that, I will...
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    Can a C880 safely cross Nantucket Sound?

    My F242 is for sale in NJ. I trailer and set it up myself and have had a blast.
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    Corsair/Farrier Anarchy

    Seriously suspicious of that listing, much like the C31 scam that was passed around for a couple years. I have a real live genuine 242 that I just spent 2 years Restomodding for sale - it is not going for 15k, and I am not a prince from a mysterious foreign country trying to put $5Mil in your...
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    Corsair/Farrier Anarchy

    Soft shackles run through the beam connections quickly remedy that risk of a walkthrouhg.  Length and diameter vary by boat, but it is not terrible since you only need 1 or two in order for it to be less risky and still leave you space to run your screacher strap through.
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    Emirates Team Barcelona

    6kt avg wind strength in September. so basically the criteria is do you have enough money to pay us what we want and do you have enough money to pay us what we want.  Allllllllllllll righty then.
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    A Class Sailing - After 1 year off

    Good on you getting back into it (how's the new house?).  As a 100Kg+ sailor, a foiling a cat will never be in the cards for me, but I can enjoy a good romp around the lake on a high volume Marstrom every now and then and have fun.   There was and is nothing wrong with the classics, and the...
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    Historic bridge to be dismantled for Bezos’ superyacht

    Another classic from Jalopnik in case it is not previously posted here
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    Hoisted by His Own Petard Department

    I am impressed that it settled in the goop solidly enough to not tip over!
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    Corsair/Farrier Anarchy

    Anybody know where I can get some 3-4 inch wide Velcro backed gray front runner to cover some wiring?  Need about 4 feet worth.
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    A-class block on boom or mast?

    Not the mast, the mast base or beam.  The rotator is then either attached to boom vs. tramp or on the front.  Then under the tramp to the block with cleats fore and aft of the block or no cleat at all.
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    Michael Masi.....the worst PRO of all time?

    Martin is a legend both behind the wheel (on his still hurting crushed ankles) and with his keen eye in the booth.  I could not agree with you more.  From his ‘is that Glock’ call to the one you mentioned he is still playing the game three steps ahead.  I don’t know if anyone with similar racing...
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    under new management

    Well done Ed.  Glad to see you somehow pulled a retirement fund out of it and didn’t piss it all away on Blow. thanks for holding a 22 year house party so we can spill beer on the furniture and fuck on your parents bed.
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    SailGP 2021

    Chicago in June... that is almost as bad as Upper new york harbor.  They could have just put the races down below the statue of liberty, or better yet inside sandy hook where there is a sea breeze and they would have gotten their NYC shots.  Silly.   Put it in Newport harbor above the bridge in...
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    Michael Masi.....the worst PRO of all time?

    Overall I believe Masi has done his best with no malice.  Charlie had a unique position that Masi does not have - he had a foot in both the race operations and the technical regulations and had a powerful wingman at his side.  Masi, or anyone else in this role deserves a team of race strategists...