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    New SA look after website overhaul

    The changes suck. I am starting to like SailNet better and I never thought I'd say that.
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    Teaching sailing to blind or vision-impaired students. Who's done it?? Tips?

    I also taught skiing to the blind for many years. I learned to question them about their vision (or lack of). I found that there is a range of blindness, not everyone is totally blind. Some can see a little bit, some can differentiate between light and dark. Some have just enough vision to be...
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    Experience with ANYONE other than Amazon? Walmart, Target etc

    My wife and I are traveling for a few months around the Southeast U.S. I have to admit I miss the convenience of Amazon. Trying to find specific items (that are readily available on Amazon) is a pain in the ass when you are going store to store. Walmart lists items as being "in stock" at certain...
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    Sailing Cost's

    This an interesting topic. I am on the other end of the scale, a retiree wondering how much longer I can afford the "nut"... I was a Financial Planner (don't ask for advice, I wasn't that good at it) and preached for years to live within your means. I have practiced what I preached. My...
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    Asymmetrical vs symmetrical spinnaker for Catalina 30

    I no longer race with a spinnaker. When I did, I found that we could go amazingly deep with the asymmetric with less of the drama of the symmetric (I'm sure I am the lead actor in that drama btw). I taught my trimmers to bring that sail around the forestay to go deep. It is amazing how much...
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    College Football 2022

    I'm thinking the weed must be good in FL.. you are consistent!
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    Experience with ANYONE other than Amazon? Walmart, Target etc

    I wonder if the breakage problem is more a regional thing or amazon driver thing. I am fairly remote and don't have amazon drivers. I have been buying from amazon since it was a book store (1999). I rarely have a problem with broken or damaged stuff. While I am not a huge fan of the...
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    Wheel covering material

    I did a leather cover and haven't been sorry. Good grip in wet or dry weather and worth the cost in my opinion.
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    Winterizing on the Hard

    Honestly, I don't think the motor runs more than 10-15 seconds. Noisy but not a problem.
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    Winterizing on the Hard

    What I have done is pull the water inlet hose, put it in a bucket of pink stuff and run the motor until you see pink stuff running out the back discharge. Works fine in our brutal Michigan winters.....
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    Displaying Android-hosted charts on Axiom plotter

    I use Navionics on my Axiom and it works great. I also use Navionics on my android tablet....
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    College Football 2021

    This is one of many catches I see where I wonder if they could have done it without the gloves.....damn athletic catch! (even though it was tactically stupid, cost them over 20 yds)
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    Why are people in the Fastnet race sailing with a dirty bottom?

    I will only lick your balls on the weeks when they are clean. Sorry, I have standards....
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    where we're at

    There are countries that could accommodate your wishes and assure all women are completely covered at all times. You could move there.....