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    LONQR 2

    can't tell if was was ribbed for her pleasure, grip looks a tad firm..
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    James Webb telescope

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    Sunset pictures

    A few sunset pics from Oahu and Maui
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    Random PicThread

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    I wasn't sure why everyone was laughing at me until.........

    You'd be have to be really obtuse to call them Hells Angles. I'm sure someone somewhere has fucked up their tatoo...
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    LONQR 2

    When I was in Honolulu last week. Wife and I got to get on the boat to the Arizona Memorial before the navy crashed into the dock breaking it again and closing it down. The park rangers made a specific announcement, several times regarding posing for pics for intsgram, tik-tok, etc and that...
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    $1 Irwin 30 - project photos

    as an owner of a project boat I empathize with your journey, well done. But I gotta ask. are you going to put some sort of protection around the window shaker ac unit? I could see myself kicking that damn thing every time I went down below...
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    College Football 2022

    dont delude yourself, that area of north central florida is prime cousin/sister/farm animal breeding ground.
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    College Football 2022

    Fucking Florida. Can’t fumble, and need to take the pat after the td. Going for two was crazy. Twice.... 0 and 2 in the sec....sigh...
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    Misty May's Ass

    Just spent a few days in Oahu. Enjoy
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    Pack type sailcover that doesn't act like a funnel

    No doubt some water is getting through the stiches and through the zipper flap. I did use seam tape so the stiched holes are some what snug. And unless you throw on a waterproof zipper. There is no real way to stop water. It’s relentless. If will find a way. My foot is only a midge more...
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    Pack type sailcover that doesn't act like a funnel

    So far. I have not had any water storage issue with my stack. And I used a bolt rope tape under the food of the main, no vents. I did had some bird issues this spring though. The battens are higher than the zipper and does crest a trough. But fore aft slope keeps water from pooling Here...
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    Meme Anarchy

    got to hear a guy wishing his mother a happy mothers day from the shitter in NYC on speaker phone. I proceeded to flush every toilet in the joint... saying something along the lines how great it is to have a son calling his mom on mothers day while taking a shit...
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    OK, since no one else has brought it up... Where were you?

    at work.... under the flight path of dulles runway 19r it was surreal when the flights stopped. minimal traffic on the roads, the quiet...
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Loving the home depot grade portlights