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    The Cadillac

    I'm confused - is this a new hull based on the Cadillac? It didn't look like it ever had wings originally.
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    i done did it

    Sorry for the hijack - anybody know where ED's former Shaw 650 anarchy ended up? In the US, I only know of the original one Manic in RI
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    I'm curious how similar this boat will be to the Cadillac
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    Thank you! So excited to follow this!
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    X&Y (Barrett 11m)

    What's the story with X&Y besides being square and narrow? Seems like a pretty unique hullform, so I was curious how it goes (too big and too much ballast to be a sportsboat, but still)...
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    REO 770 starts production

    What's the bulb weight going to be?
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    REO 770 starts production

    This is great - I have been really looking forward to this project.
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    Dibley K250 Carbon

    where in CA?
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    REO 7.7

    From ASBA FB:
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    Viper 830 ORR rating

    Has there ever been a V830 on SF Bay? If so, how did that work out? If not, is the boat too wet&tender to be a good Bay boat?
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    Dibley K250 Carbon

    When did this happen? What race?
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    I need one of these on SF Bay - would be awesome here.
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    Sea Gypsies Movie

    I just saw this movie at the Banff Film Festival Tour on Wednesday and thought it was great & truly anarchic - catch it if you can:
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    Fujin Bieker 53 update

    Looks like a pretty untalented, unaccomplished crew there.
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    Find me an Offshore Sporty 35-40' Under 100K

    ... that planes upwind.