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    Sailing The Arctic in a Beach Cat

    No flotation at the top of the mast? A capsize would mean a long, cold wait over the overturned hulls.
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    Anyone else having issues paying crew in Crypto or NFTs?

    The same people who dismissed the dollar as fiat money not supported by gold now buy fiat money supported by wasted electricity.
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    Easysea winch handle

    Independently of whether they are as easy to release as a winch without a handle, they have a problem.  On a boat, say, 27 to 30 feet you have a couple of winches on each side of the cockpit plus a couple on the pit.  Using this system means having to buy six very expensive handles instead of...
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    Container Ship 1 : Dinghy 0; skipper wet but 'ok'

    If it was a RIB, wouldn't it just bounce off the ship?
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    What is it?

    It's a boat designed for the little known Waveless Lake.
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    Bad trip (from the FP)

    Whoever installed the rudder has to do something about their dyslexia.
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    Is hiking hard over that lower lifeline causing damage?

    Exactly the same happened to me, but not on a fancy Farr 40 off Sydney.  A stupid Beer Can in San Diego on an FT10 in maybe 9 Kn of breeze.  Broken rib.
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    what is it?

    The jib looks like a 110% reacher.  The last time I used a blast reacher was on a Frers 50 in the mid 70s.
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    what is it?

    Scot, if you think that boat is cool, I have a turboed Venture 21, Blue Light Special, to sell you!
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    Is hiking hard over that lower lifeline causing damage?

    Actually, sitting behind the upper lifeline is not comfortable because you don't have any back support.  Between the lifelines, leaning on the upper one, is more comfortable.
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    Is hiking hard over that lower lifeline causing damage?

    I used hiking racks for the first time when I bought a Hobie Getaway, and I couldn't believe how good they were: I was sitting comfortably, high, with good vision of the waves, dry and projecting my weight out as much as trapezing.  After having campaigned a Melges 24, I couldn't help but think...
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    Tall ship Cisne Branco allision (from the FP)

    It gets worse:
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    Caption Contest?

    Can you see the propeller yet?
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    Navier 27 (from the FP)

    BTW, the six ships of this Class were decommissioned after 11 years of service, not exactly B52 longevity.

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