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    Herschel Walker Watch

    Abortions are only OK to save the political life of the father.
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    Now that Musk owns Twitter

    Elon posts about Ukraine 'compromising' with Russia. Then the next day he announces renewed efforts to buy Twitter. Methinks he found some backing. "Somewhere"
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    Try to name one thing Biden has done well. One.

    Yes, the president should jump through any hoops that T.V. personalities throw at them., much like a trained seal.
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    DeSatan news...

    The Morton Salt girl saves the day.
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    Herschel Walker Watch

    Just been cancelled.
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    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    He's still allowed to say this....for now.
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    Trump will be on the Ballot

    Trump would spend 4 years getting revenge on people he doesn't like. And his supporters would claim it's presidential.
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    More trouble for the Orange Jesus

    Those that took out college loans are fully responsible for them. Those that lack proper insurance for their homes are entitled to relief.
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    How Racist is MAGA?

    This conversation? Maybe. Over on's full of dogs and vvv. You'd be surprised what they believe.
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    How Racist is MAGA?

    I always ask this question... If a full-blown racist moved to America today, which party would they join? I always hear about who formed the KKK, and Lincoln, and on an on. But in 2016, where would you be near more racists, a Hillary rally or a Trump rally?
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    Ginni and Clarence Thomas need to testify before the 1/6 Committee

    Somebody needs to ask Clarence who won the 2020 election.
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    Marjorie Taylor Greene - terrorist cunt!

    You've got to wonder where his line was. Multiple "other men" and treason want enough. Wonder what made him give up on such a catch.
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    DeSatan news...

    I hope and pray they all get their power back on soon, so they can continue to post that climate change isn't real.
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    How Racist is MAGA?

    But there IS a T.V. show with a couple of wild and crazy men that get into hijinks with a hot girl in short-shorts, and they drive around in a car with a swastika on it, jumping rivers and doing donuts in the dirt.
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    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    A real leader would have been horrified at what was happening. He would have done everything in his power to stop the madness, immediately. Trump did the bare minimum.