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    Coolboats to admire

    I think that's the Bob Stephens designed Goshawk. Built by Brooklin Boat Yard and Rockport Marine in 2005. She used to be painted dark blue. I'm not sure I find the white paint job quite as flattering.
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    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    Micro-cruisers are fascinating. I like Eric Henseval's Souriceau, quite a bit. A lot of boat for it's length.
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    Coolboats to admire

    Speaking of cool double enders, how about the Payne-Mortlock Sailing Canoes?
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    College Hunting - Naval Architect Style

    I think the old IBM mantra was: "Garbage in, Garbage out." Software is great answering questions that are susceptible to analysis. Scratch that, it's good at giving you answers quickly. Sometimes (in the case of CFD and FEA analysis) it can give you solutions that would otherwise be...
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    Sailboat ratios: SA/DISP; DISP/LOA

    The SA/WS (Sail Area/Wetted Surface) ratio is much more telling about light air performance than the SA/D ratio since at low speeds friction is such a large percentage of overall resistance. And neither of those numbers tell the whole story. If you look at the ratios that started the thread, 22...
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    Sailboat ratios: SA/DISP; DISP/LOA

    I'm not convinced that the average Ratio's have changed as much as some people suggest in this thread. The changes have mainly come from the top end. There are less boats sailing with very high DLRs and very low SA/Ds. Are there boats sailing at very low DLR and very high SA/D ratios? Yes...
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    Regional Boat Type Anarchy

    I had the pleasure of racing on Bull's sister ship, Bear. The race started with very light winds and we left the fleet behind. They caught up once the wind came up and we couldn't sail flat. When it got a bit rough, water would fountain dramatically out of the centerboard case. Very exciting...
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    Safety and PFDs

    Ironically, for Tom's example (and Tom should wear or not wear a lifejacket as he sees fit) it's on small boats, operating near shore, in shallow, warm water, that the small assistance that PFDs offer is most likely to be able to make a difference. Things that make experienced boaters go over...
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    Safety and PFDs

    I understand your point, but the statistics cited above aren't enough to really evaluate the risk. A lot more people descend a steep flight of stairs or move a TV each year than go sailing. Without a lot more numbers (which we'll probably never get) it's hard to make a reasonable comparison...
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    10 mill$ poweryacht capsize during launch in Anacortes

    I hate attempts at using economics to justify yachting. It's true that big yachts coming to towns can stimulate the economy, but it's hardly an efficient stimulus plan. If you must think about it from an economic standpoint, a big yacht represent an immense concentration of wealth. The same...
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    Regional Boat Type Anarchy

    It's hard to look at a Beetle Cat without smiling. They're also a pretty impressive example of early 20th century manufacturing. Demanding work repeated over and over by highly skilled labor. They're still making them too, in Wareham, MA.
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    Regional Boat Type Anarchy

    Had the pleasure of being passed by this lovely Friendship Sloop while sailing yesterday. Looked original, but it could have been a replica, I suppose. These boats were used for lobstering back before the days of the internal combustion engine. I've occasionally wondered which look better, a...
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    RIP Ted Gozzard

    What's the rest of the joke? I've forgotten the whole thing, but the punchline has stuck with me... taunting. I used to occasionally race on a Gozzard 36. Yes you read that correctly. We never did well, but had a great time. I'll never forget waiting out a dead calm while watching Jeopardy...
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    Bizarre Boats

    I've posted this elsewhere, but the 1957 Evinrude Fishing Saucer definitely fits the bill:
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    Technical Design Term Or Marketing Mumbo Jumbo

    Is the bell shape just a different way of playing with the rate at which immersed volume changes when the hull goes through a wave? This is the problem with concave bottoms, the rate of immersion increases too rapidly as they go into a wave, and results in pounding, no? I've seen boats which...