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    boat adrift in Larchmont outerharbor??

    Local Channel 12 reports that 15 boats on the rocks at Fayerweather Yacht club in Bridgeport.
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    KW 2010

    Thanks for giving some some KWRW OTW coverage this week! Good luck!
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    Key West Race Week 2010

    Dixie, Thank you for providing OTW coverage of KWRW. Hope to read a great daily wrapup too, of news, weather conditions, and some color (without tacky Clean commentary - woo hoo!) Have fun!
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    On-the-water Key West Race Week

    + 1! Give it a rest already, Clean!!!! The majority of us are not on superstar boats in superstar fleets!!!!!
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    BVI charter

    +1 for both Spanish Town and Soper's Hole. Just watch, Sopers Hole has some current running through it for sure...
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    American Yacht Club Fall Series Sept 19,20, 26, &27

    At the time you folks were attempting to race, the average TWS at CPYC was about 3 to 5 from the SW. Of course that was plenty of breeze to play with a thistle, which is how we spent the afternoon. :D
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    Larchmont NOOD

    Bump Is anyone doing this race?
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    Atlantic Lifting Straps

    I am not sure, but I just PM'd our fleet captain at CPYC to ask.
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    2009 YRA of LIS Championship Regatta

    Any results?
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    BIRW 2009

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    Dumptruck and Shitbox

    I click 'refresh' while sitting at home searching for a job. Following this sure beats the lame job pickings..... Keep up the good work!!!
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    Morning Light

    Saw it last night in New Haven, CT. There was about 40 people in the audience, a few of us from the same club down in Fairfield County. Definitely more a documentary, but somewhat inspiring.
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    KWRW 2008

    It's all over till March....
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    Manhasset Bay Fall

    Any photos from the weekend?
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    sailing to St. Croix

    Try Cruising Anarchy, on this site: You'll probably have better luck there....