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    Try to name one thing Biden has done well. One.

    By my count, this is DAY 603 of not having a sociopathic narcissist insurrectionist with tiny hands as President of the United States. Works for me.
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    DeSatan news...

    Years ago, when I was in high school I think, I saw a TV rerun of Ship of Fools. I was naive about America then, did not know about the internments durng WWII or the America First movement of that century. I did not understand why countries would not let those people in. Well. I do understand...
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    DeSatan news...

    It just show what DeathSantis is capable of and what he is happy to do to entities he probably does not even think of as human beings in order to gain his own political and funding advantage. So when he is President, watch out if your Medicare bills get a bit high or your family needs expensive...
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    Well maybe beans on toast could be considered combining beans and grains but overeall seem fillling but a bit short on protein and high on carbs. Just saying. I think there is also spaghetti on toast. Legacy of rationing?
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    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 37

    Of course. He is trying to prevent a recession in his finances and a war at home. Oh, meant affecting MORE than Grant...?
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    What IS it with Commonwealth countries and the double starches? Beans on toast, chip butties...
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    Front page screed

    Well, you get the additional +/- 20%
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    The Third Booster Shot Debate - Are U going to get the booster?

    Well, I prefer 2 of those to Tucker the Fucker, Dr Ooze, and that crowd. Hey, whatever happened to Dr. Atlas? Got an appointment for later in the month, will see how it goes. The Democrats are a crappy party. Circular firing squad indeed. But the GOP is full of roaches and won't call the...
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    The Third Booster Shot Debate - Are U going to get the booster?

    I always wonder if people who say they don't get vaccines because they "eat right, exercise, and have great immune systems" get tetanus shots when they step on a rusty nail.
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    What is Your Favorite way to Brew Coffee?

    Paper filters are a good thing. I am a barbarian who uses a 5 cup Mr Coffee with my burr-ground Kona beans and filtered water. Not into it enough for pour over. Have the equipment but am lazy in the morning. Start coffee, empty dishwasher, get papers, coffee ready...
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    The Third Booster Shot Debate - Are U going to get the booster?

    Mr Clew is all hot to get the new bivalent booster, but I have questions. 1) Any evidence about mixing rather than matching? Even in mice? We have had 4 Moderna shots. Last in April 2022. Pfizer or Moderna or no difference or flip a coin no one knows? TV doc says mix it up. 2) How long will...
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    Yeh but then people think you could lose a few. And your clothes fit funny. And Wess says you deserve to have covid complications because you are a fattie.
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    LSAT high score, now what?

    Other than the fact he CAN go to law school, does the person really WANT to be a lawyer? Why? What about the law excites him? I know a lot of very smart people who went to law school because it was the next step and hated actually BEING lawyers once the thrill of academic attainment was gone...
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    Long thread. Skimmed it. Seems to mostly be tall men, young men. Well, young to me men. Any women on here? Old women with fake knees? It is scary how little I can eat at 72 compared to 66 or even 68, exercise held fairly constant. 1600 calorries? Don't make me laugh. Maybe I need to...
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    Alinghi Challenge AC37

    I hope American Magic doesn't sink, trapping Alinghi inside its "final base." I really wanted BA to get the Cup but now I am thinking it might be more fun it EB's boats do better. The Brits are boring.