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    KWRW - Excrements Hit the Rotary Apparatus

    This raises an interesting point. Are you referring to the person who did the mod (assuming with the intent to bypass the rules)? What could happen to a person in such a scenario?
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    anarchy 33?

    Even though I'm a sport boat guy through and through, I think it's the wrong tact. Don't get me wrong... The soon to be 20 year old Melges 30 is still my favorite boat, but I don't see the technical nature and expertise required to sail these beasts as all-inclusive. How about a modern day PC...
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    SDYC Hawt Rum Race #01 - DriftFest for the lightair rides

    Argh! We were the legit 7th boat. Prob 100' from the line when time expired. 8th was a few mins behind us, but 9th was waaaaaaay back.
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    Race 19---The Great Americas Cup Race 2013

    Amazing. Just amazing
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    Just about sums it up....
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    What is 72s are still the boat after tomorrow?

    After the amazement and wonder this cup as brought, why wouly/should there be a switch? Sure, the boats can be refined to make them easier to sail, but any change would be a huge downgrade. Another question... If nothing major changed with the rule, how many teams show up for the next cycle...
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    Americas Cup Race 17 & 18 (it wont be needed though :-))

    This is just stunning. Just stunning. History of sport is being made, not just sailing.
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    the greatest sham on earth?

    I'm really disappointed SA has chosen to be so negative about this cup. I'm guessing it has to do with lack of access, but it's still a damn shame. SA is better than this.
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    Other sports should learn from us.

    And come to think of it, didn't the F1 guys pull a Prada a few years back refusing to race due to tires?
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    Other sports should learn from us.

    Soccer may not stop when it's raining, but is sure stops for a fuckall long time when a defenseman brushes softly against a strikers ponytail. Out comes the stretcher, the priest administering last rites, next of kin... But out comes the magic spray and all is better. Hard to explain that one...
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    Jebus that was close

    Barker was pretty slick there... Anyday now Glen, tack the main...
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    Weight Gain - Farr 40 Charisma

    Oh the sanctity and purity of one design. All boats exactly the same. The skills of the crew is the sole determining factor. Pft. Find me an individual owner-based OD class anywhere that doesn't have exactly this issue (or worse).
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    Is Kostecki gone yet?

    A thousand pardons fb...
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    Is Kostecki gone yet?

    Again, I apologize for asking a fairly legitimate question in the middle of all of this blithering rhetoric, but here goes... Could this substitution have as much to do with BA and Langford as it does with JK's bad calls? I'm guessing the loss of DdR is hurting these guys way more than we are...