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    getting the dogs aboard

    Like me, the dogs aren't as spry as they used to be. They used to jump from RIB to deck, about 2' . I am wondering about a raised platform in dinghy. Or some sort of steps hung on side or transom. Appreciate ideas and photos.
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    Geezer-friendly One Designs

    I notice the J-22 is missing from this list. Great fleets. Easily in your price range. Can be single handed. Maybe 3 big guys is the problem.
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    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Regarding the Redline 25 trawler, i might not want to own it put I am impressed with the creativity and workmanship. Damn well done!
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    CPAP on charter

    I use a Resmed machine. Turn off humidity control. A 750 watt invertor is sufficient. You will not challenge a good house bank. Use about 15 AHr during the night.
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    Cleaning soiled inflatable

    Just cleaned my rib after 3 months cruising in Western Carib. Used Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. Looks practically new.
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    Battery Monitor Question

    Installed Balmar Smartcharge monitor but kept my old LinkPro counter. Firefly house batteries. Been off the dock almost 3 months. No sync in that period. As long as we have full sun all day the panels will refill bank, linkpro and Balmar will agree. But if panels blocked while sailing or by...
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    Diesel Fuel Question

    Used to be in fuel biz. You have a 1985 engine with loose tolerences and mechanical injection system. It will practically run on horse piss. Use the fuel, but it would not hurt to filter it for water. Fuel is probably ULSD which is more prone to water pickup than older LSD fuel types. Use...
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    painting formica

    Spouse says old formica in galley has to go. Not enough time to get into that project this year- leaving for Carribbean in 3 weeks. So for a quicky can I get Awlgrip, Perfection or other to stick on old porous formica?
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    Seaward stove repair

    The little tabs welded to side of oven box have rusted away so spring holding oven door closed has lost its attachment point. Anybody got suggestion on how to get the side panel loose so I can get new tabs welded on?  Anybody got a better fix?
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    Which to Choose? - Colgate 26 or Beneteau First 24

    Why did they drop J-22 from consideration? Fun to sail, competitive in PHRF  one design regattas, easy to trail and rig, save the $ for the second boat.
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    What brands from the 70s/80s would you resurrect?

    Steve Haarstick was innovative. I think he graduated from Webb. Probably worked at Hard while at Webb. Was early user of computer power to study sail shapes, cloth bias stretch and the like. Used computer to design panel shaping. Had early Gerber cnc cutter in Annapolis loft and built the first...
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    Calling out all the MacGuyvers out there

    Bonus points- gravity is pretty reliable so no "discussion"  about whether tree was vertical.
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    Calling out all the MacGuyvers out there

    We had numerous animals that would shred the lower branches of the Christmas tree. So one year, using various Harken blocks, and a cam cleat we installed a hanger which lifted the tree above the dogs once it was trimmed at a normal height.
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    Fair winds Chief

    For all of you that sailed the Great Lakes will be sad to hear that Skip Doyle, the Chief, passed away this morning. Skip was more than a great skipper with many championship flags. He was first a gentleman, happy to help or  compliment others. Fair winds Chief.
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    Leisurefurl Boom Failure - Any Suggestions?

    I also have a LiesureFurl. And second  jacruders note. There is spectra lashing from clew that goes around mandrel. On our boat we have an Antal ring lashed to the padeye. We then have a line from clew, through ring and forward to cascade tackle so we can adjust outhaul when on full hoist. Very...

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