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    Democrats and Republicans form new political party

    I’d need a smigeon of evidence before I believed that. His campaign was cheap.
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    Republicans have hit rock bottom

    I respect Cheney for her January 6 committee work. However, she voted against the first impeachment and she was more pro-Trump than even Stefanik. She is now soon to be untethered from the Republican Party. And she has a married gay sister. So I'll be curious to see if that untethering changes...
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    Marjorie Taylor Greene - terrorist cunt!

    Palin was trained in the evangelical pulpit.
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    Democrats and Republicans form new political party

    Perot hated that Establishment noblesse oblige upper class Bush. He hated the Vietnam War Memorial. He had a massive chip on his shoulder. It’s simple. Stein was getting hers from the Russians. Nader, maybe from the Republicans. Plausible.
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    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    For lying to the FBI, Michael Flynn was charged with violating 18 U.S.C. § 1001(a)(2). ... whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly and...
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    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    Such excellent news!
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    Supreme Court will overturn Roe v Wade

    They couldn't scrape up all of the money. So now it's only 9 out 105 counties.
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    Try to name one thing Biden has done well. One.

    Tom will be sleep walking along shortly, dreaming this applies to him.
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    No Sign of a Red Wave Anywhere

    That won’t happen although it would be interesting. The state GOPs will clear the field for Him. Some will forgo primaries again in favor of a convention.
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    Trump's last General

    Not exactly the pointy tip of the spear.
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    Republicans have hit rock bottom

    Had a roommate who was a psychiatric resident at UCSF. Used to tell me about the best suicide of the night. Took me to the resident’s poker game. They were really good at detecting bluffing but not so good at betting strategy. I broke even and I wasn’t great. He was a big believer in drugs and...
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    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    Jeff, you literally titled a thread The GOP - Let's Burn this bitch down. You're getting down to Dog levels of denial. You're saying you didn't say it and at the same time that people are misunderstanding/misrepresenting what you did say. Cognitive dissonance much...
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    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    Jeff, your first post on this was this. That was it. That was all of the there that was there. Then after that, you commenced on your usual you misunderstood what I did/didn't write with Kent and others. This...
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    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    This is really, really bad logic. It's in the realm of Jeff's Burn This Bitch To The Ground logic.