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    Take the tin foil hat off mate. Of course they’re trying to sell boats. Once the team boat orders have been completed, then they will start supplying “private” clients. Big thing for me is: “A one-design class that brings America's Cup foiling performance to a competitive racing circuit.”...
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    J70 Worlds

    Does anyone know if a Cat 3 can charter & race a J70, or is ownership mandatory?
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    Don’t overestimate yourself
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    Untold: "The Race of the Century" documentary on Netflix

    Yeah whatever, Mr Washedup. Enjoy it for what it is, Or go watch wizard of oz
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    Team HYDROGEN Chase Boat

    Not exactly meaningless when the Kiwis were given 2 extra points, & sailors were banned for cheating in it…….. I actually support the kiwis but jeez you make it hard sometimes. You’re like another Duphy, you think you’re helping but in reality you only make yourself look stooooopid
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    Powder Coating Genoa Tracks

    Just get it reanodized. Be aware that any spot corrosion will grow significantly when they chemically strip the old anodizing. Go & pick up the tracks & scotchbrite polish before anodizing. In saying all that, track are bloody cheap. 
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    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    Fuck off, idjit
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    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    Protest decision on the website. A penalty seems justified & fair, although the effect of that penalty seems harsh….. Listening watches ares prescribed for good reasons. It was only a few years ago the CYC wouldn’t have even tried to call a Satphone.  I remember not so long ago when people...
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    F1 & The Cup

    Ironically it was a Toyota driven by Glock who intervened to gift Hamilton his 1st title in 2008. The biggest addition F1 teams will bring is brains & computer power. The AC designs still seem to be run by an old school designer with young people trying to convince them to trust the...
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    Michael Masi.....the worst PRO of all time?

    I think another point is the need for permanent stewards, who are paid & travel with the complete circus. The biggest factor with Whiting not being available(DTS), is he wrote most of the rules & that knowledge base is not available for one person, who is also ordering safety cars...
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    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    You’re a fuckwit. It’s been great whilst you haven’t been here. Try fucking off again
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    The AC 37 has started, news and rumours

    Always with the tin foil hats.  2 100% valid reasons would be it’s safer to be sitting down when the boat nosedives. You have your arms to brace yourself……. 2nd or maybe the 1st reason, it’s easier to integrate females in the crew as cyclora than grinders
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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    29/12/20 2131, in my timezone. Fake news indeed
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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I just said racist mindset. The screenshot proves me correct. People get fired from their jobs for less then what he wrote……. But at least he spelt black with capital B, to really emphasize it…… 
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    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    No smelly sock, I know what I know, the sad thing is that fuckwit started posting during the cup in VLC, & the saddest thing is he still doesn’t know what he doesn’t know….