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    Happey October

    Bloody Halloween coming up. Everything in the store seems to be pumpkin spice flavored. What is that shit? I think I'll make a batch of parboiled brussels sprouts on a stick dipped in chocolate for the brats. I love the screams.
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    Meme Anarchy

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    Hurricane Season 2022

    There's one brewing off the African coast, but it's predicted to go West then Northwest before the Leeward islands. However on the other side Hurricane Orlene is about to give the SW coast of Mexico a bit of a smacking.
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    Serious double-hit. I forgot to mention that she was his twin sister. Ugh.
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    LONQR 2

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    True story. A friend's wife ran off with his only sister.
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    It's been five years since my wife ran off with my best friend. I still miss him.
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    Meme Anarchy

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    "National Cleavage Day"

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    Anyone recognize this rescue?

    The helicopter squadron at Culdrose in Cornwall are pretty good too. They got a serious workout in the 1979 Fastnet, hauling people off boats and out of liferafts in 60 knots, at night. I knew one of the pilots well, and he said he had to go up and down twenty feet to time the waves coming...
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    Anyone recognize this rescue?

    The ketch tactic is a storm jib on the inner forestay and a mizzen with three reefs in it. Swan 65, anyway, in the days (thankfully) before furlers. Just big bronze hanks. The boat would heave-to very nicely with that rig when you wanted a bit of a rest to cook dinner.
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    Marjorie Taylor Greene - terrorist cunt!

    No, my dear chap. No way. Not even with yours.
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    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Pass the brain bleach, please.
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    Screenwriting Anarchy - Practical insights from inside the biz?

    The only hint I can give is to get some good screenwriting software, the kind that lets you put in stage/director/camera/lighting directions and all that. Surprisingly cheap. When you present your magnum opus, it will look SO much better than the amateur offerings boiled up by your competition...
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    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words