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    Zero - Mascalzone Latino is the new Challenger of Record

    So sail-world scooped team in-the-bar-anarchy? WTF?
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    Clean MIA from press conf.

    The dude's gone viral!
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    SA is filled with pussies

    I motion for the AC Anarchy henceforth to be renamed " The Vagina Monlogues" with apology to the vaginas and the women who grow them!
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    Some of you boyz are jus gettin weird. Next thing you know clean will be hanging out with rolex sportin old white dudes
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    How much wind do they need?

    Of course the girls are hot, so are the dogs, the camels, the sidewalk, the limos etc It's 100 degrees there every day, everything is hot.
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    Today's Coverage A cocktail is a style of mixed drink. Originally a mixture of distilled spirits, sugar, water, and bitters,[1] the word has gradually come to mean almost any mixed drink containing alcohol.[2]   A cocktail today usually contains one or more types of...
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    Livestream Sucking

    I'll just wait for the paperback version
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    What time for the AC

    What time in Bermuda?
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    Cheap Prick

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    Key West Race Week 2010

    [No message]
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    Key West Race Week 2010

    Some videos from Cay West
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    Charter Cat for Sale in SF

    Don't you have some grapes to crush? Are you not residing in the most liberal place in the planet? I think you can blame the LB stalker for turning a thread on charter boat into a political pooh joust, you just need to learn to read.
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    Charter Cat for Sale in SF

    Hey numbnutt, why don't you buy it so you can take it to Japan and charter it out to cheer them them slaughter dolphins in Taiji? Or laugh at people suffering in Haiti?
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    Mr. Clean

    I thought sterlization was part of his early release?
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    beautiful carbon tri wrecked after skipper parks in

    Red cross estimates 50,000 dead in Haiti.