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    Ian just exploded.

    That's an interesting question. Can't they just raise premiums to cover projected losses? And I thought that several states passed fairly rigorous hurricane oriented building codes; can't they just extend those to docks/moorings/storage? I suspect that any structure built where an old one got...
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    Selden Bowsprit - Bobstay or not

    Do it
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    NKE Instrument Dealer

    Another vote for Jerome
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    US Sailing. Should I stay or should I go?

    troll, troll troll your boat gently down the seas trolling for clicks, hoping for clicks clicks are what you need.
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    What boat should I get - if any?

    why doncha get one of dem dere ruzzian oligark mega yots?
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    ClubSwan 41 - soft launch or floating an idea?

    A nav station is more than just a nav station. it's a workbench, an organizer, storage locker & desk. its one aspect of a boat's overall functionality.
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    What boat should I get - if any?

    trolling for clicks, are we?
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    Southern Ocean Heating - re: "Irreversible" on SA headline

    Beat me to it. Global pollution & overpopulation are much more real & provable than man made climate change but the screeching SJW types driving the narrative don't want to appear anti-people so they've changed the target. Personally I think that we still very gradually coming out of an ice...
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    Help with well known yacht broker dispute

    But if he sold the company then it was not his brokerage claiming to have sold the boat, it was the new owners who made the commission, not the person with whom you had the agreement, so you'd get 20% of zero. I'd say that if you emails clearly state that the agreement for you to receive 20%...
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    ClubSwan 41 - soft launch or floating an idea?

    But, but,'s got 4 hanging lockers. That's not typical (aka rational). I'm sure it'll be a great boat. The message I get is that the CS36 is dead?
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    What's Right (or Wrong) with US Sailing?

    1) After you've joined & paid your member ship dues, everything should be free (except merchandise) 2) If you volunteer a certain number of hours your membership should be free
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    rules : how much room are you entitled to

    If I were blue I might not like it but I also wouldn't complain or try to take them up. Custom & opinion seem to vary from area to area & fleet to fleet.
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    ClubSwan 41 - soft launch or floating an idea?

    The underbody aft of the keel looks bloated: wassup wid dat?