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    What a Loser - 2

    He got the banks money 
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    What a Loser - 2

    He was a brilliant conman. He's only able to con stupid people now
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    President Trump - crystal ball gazing #2

    It's been a few years since any activity from me. About 4 years ago I started a thread "President Trump - crystal ball gazing" that had a few responses & predictions around Trump becoming POTUS  Unsurprisingly many predictions were quite accurate...time for another! My predictions for the...
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    Look what showed up in SUBIC?!

    Ran out of food on the delivery apparently. Great seamanship. Hopefully Witty doesnt lose anyone off this thing 
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    Just Another High School Shooting

    More shot & murdered, what a celebration of American freedoms & societal values
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    Man wrestles shark & unthinkable happens

    I'll bet you're not as shocked as "Ferret" was
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    New Version - Official Issues/Comment Thread

    I have the same in Aus with FF
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    USA Citizenship

    Great to see the PA sandpit still functioning as normal Sympathies for you Seppos. Like him or loathe him Trump is gunna screw the pooch - the domestic viewpoint may seem reversible despite what he may do however ground lost internationally isn't easily recovered The wall idea might create a...
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    President Trump - crystal ball gazing

    Mouthbreathers unite!! Congrats to the Donald he pulled off an historic win that will be written into US history no matter what else happens. Hopefully it will be a Cinderella story where he will be remembered as a great leader that made good use of his time to bring positive change History...
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    Gone, Frantic

    Did you see the FB chatter about bringing her back to life & to the lake?
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    A Message From The Queen

    What a right royal shit fight
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    Best Olympic moment

    Kieran Perkins 1500m gold in 96!
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    Sport Shooting

    You can be both a hunter & a target shooter dickhead
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    Sport Shooting

    We did the same with PVC & made spud & orange variations. Spuds inside of 250' hurt...a lot Pellet guns wars with feed pellets or citrus peel were fun too Bottle rockets were hard to come by but kinda fun however ball shooters were the tool of choice. Tape a few 20 balls together &amp...