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    Viagra Commercial

    No PHRF hit at all--the boat was designed by Johnstone to be sailed without the motor hanging off the transom. There is no advantage (rating or performanc wise)to leaving it there---no reason to do it!
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    Sumner "Huey" Long

    And she's probably a better tactician than (5 o'clock)Shadow!!
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    Viagra Commercial

    At least in the ad the doofus whos is pretending to sail isn't sailing with the outboard motor hanging off the transom---Espo would shoot any J/29 owner who raced the boat like that. why have an OB boat and leave 100# hanging off the back.....jeeezzz??
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    Atlantic City Race Week

    Forget Snookie--we can get "The Donald" to hand out trophies and cash prizes--then give it all back at the tables in the casino. OR!! We can all go to LRW and drift around Long Island Sound all day--then sit on the lawn and pay $10 for a plastic cup of rum----NOT!! Larchmont v. A.C...
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    Let's hear it for the Wives

    If you don't want "Gay Marriage"--don't get Gay Married!
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    Manhasset Bay Fall Series October 15-16, 22-23

    Wow! The shots of the first weekend are especially great!--looks like a whole lot of breeze!
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    Arachnaphobia --Left Hook

    Left Hook is afraid of spiders--so Espo put a few on Hustler for him last weekend--pussy!
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    tsunami debris field

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    Manhasset Bay Fall Series October 15-16, 22-23

    Gee whiz--can't we all just get along? Just havin' fun with all you guys It is interesting that since the brain trust in WLIS-PHRF put weight limits into play and we started sailing with 7 in the crew--we haven't lost a PHRF event. I'm sure glad we are sailing a J/29--if we were in another...
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    what kinda 'girl' is yer boat??

    J/29?? It is actually a front end loader with a mast---compared to a girl, she is -- fast and fat but won't fuck you if you treat her gently--she lokes it rough--and loves lots of fat guys sitting on her
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    Quantum Sails Long Island

    All I know is that Sunday morning CJ was looking like Ray Charles with those dark shades on at 8 am in the CI Diner
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    Manhasset Bay Fall Series October 15-16, 22-23

    Shitting blue all week? Wes-- you are supposed to WRITE with the pen, not stick it up your ass. What kind of things do they teach you at that "college"???
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    Manhasset Bay Fall Series October 15-16, 22-23

    Looks like this season is going to end with a whimper instead of a bang. Weather channel is predicting WNW wind at 5-10kts. Windy all week, but weekend looks lame Damn!
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    Manhasset Bay Fall Series October 15-16, 22-23

    what makes you think that Dread would rate .956? The boat is longer and narrower than Hustler--I think it weighs the same (6,500#) My guess is that under IRC Dread would end up owing time to Hustler--not sure if a T/10 was ever measured for IRC--but I doubt that it would rate a tenth slower than...
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    Manhasset Bay Fall Series October 15-16, 22-23

    C'mon Matt we can all go and watch Kevlar Edge shave his balls!