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    New Boat Day - Frers 31

    Is the boat in Photo 2 the same as in Photo 1 and 3?
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    New Boat Day - Frers 31

    As I understand 1/2 tonners were 30 ft. E.g. Dufour Arpege. Displacement aprox 3400 kgs. The F&C is marginally bigger (31 vs 30 ft). Displacement I imagine some 4000 kgs. Very nice boats, a lot of tumblehome. The F&C was a world-class boatyard in the 1970s, also produced the superb F&C 44...
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    New Boat Day - Frers 31

    F&C 31. Today, Club Nautico Sud Este. San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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    New Boat Day - Frers 31

    I am familiar with the F&C 31. Many here in Buenos Aires. Very good boats. Some (slight) oilcanning in chainplate area on some. Photo 3 looks strange to me for a F&C, probably distorted. How much did you pay for this boat? Most came with Volvo engine.
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    OK Cruisers, what boat do you have?

    Plenamar 30. Designed by Héctor Domato. Here sailing of San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Shoal waters of our noble Río de la Plata.
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    Notes on Iron Bark III - Converting an Alajuela 38

    Interesting reading. But repeats the message "I am a blue water sailor, not a marina-hugging wimp like you jerks"
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    Bezos a sailor too (slightly different scale than Zuckerberg)

    This boat is a monstrosity....I wonder whether Bezos sails at all
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    Desirable and Undesirable Characteristics of Offshore Yachts

    These are excellent points
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    your worst distance race experience! What happened?

    Whimp perspective here. I have sailed for many (50?) years. Mostly inshore/coastal + some offshore. Reasonably resistant to seasickness. Maybe it's age, but I am impressed how tiring a sustained 25-30 knot wind can be offshore. Is our anemometer registering correctly?   Imagine anything...
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    A big project!

    Interesting application of the "Coase Theorem". Is damage inflicted on neighbor by the Tally-Ho project larger or smaller than the damage inflicted on Leo by re-location? Coase suggests that (in theory) a bargaining solution could be reached.