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    Cruising Grenada

    Grenada Chocolate Company was founded by a good friend of mine who was also a sailor.  He delivered chocolate via hobie cat around the islands and also to Europe via schooner.  Also was on board our Cheoy Lee for an epic bash to Bermuda in the same weather system that sank the Pride of...
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    Show me your blue boats!

    S&S 34
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    Show me your blue boats!

    Trying this again.  Stars and Stripes blue.  Silver cove stripe.
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    Good LED Tri-Colour / Anchor Light

    +1 for the Lunasea.  Had one for more than 5 years now and going strong.  I like having the spike on top to help keep the Osprey's off the top of the mast. IIRC, it needs 3 wires in order to have full functionality, including the strobe.
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    Everybody has a name for their self steering mechanism. What is your's called?

    When I re-installed my Monitor to play around with during Covid I texted the wife to tell her that the windvane was fantastic, but spellcheck corrected it to say that the Wind Babe was fantastic.  So that is what she is called. 
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    Bluewave fittings for dyneema

    I installed one last year as the termination for my dyneema babystay.  Works well.
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    Another sender question

    Just realized my Service Manual also covers the 2YM15, so looks like M16 x 1.5.
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    Another sender question

    Page 198 of the Service Manual on the 3YM30 says the water temperature sender is M16 x 1.5.  My guess is that it is the same for the 2YM15 but worth checking that.  For some reason the specs on the oil pressure switch are not in the Service Manual.
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    ESPN 30 for 30: Ted Turner's Greatest Race

    Met a friend for lunch once at Ted's Montana in Manhattan, and lo and behold Ted himself was there.  I found out the next day that he was in town because my neighbor (like literally 4 houses down from me in the suburbs) had passed away.  Sadly I was relatively new to the area and did not know...
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    Rudder/skeg bearing replacement

    Yes.  I went with Rulon LR.
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    Rudder/skeg bearing replacement

    Finding a 0.5 mm acetal sleeve may be hard.  You can probably eliminate some of that play by replacing the bearing in the hull.  I did this last year using a bearing sourced from McMaster Carr. See: I'm assuming here that it is a simple flanged sleeve...
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    Infusing gear lube into sail drive

    It's been a while since I did this but I don't recall it being too difficult.  Once I contort myself into position under the cockpit I can sit there and just put a small funnel in the opening and go slowly.
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    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    What's the forecast over the next 24 hours?  As of right now, Crux is in the overall lead on IRC.  Would be a hoot to see them beat Ichi on corrected, even if they wouldn't get the pickle dish for it.
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    SD20 Saildrive question

    The manual also covers the SD50.  The references to changing lube while in the water only apply to the SD50.  For the SD20 just look at Section 6.1.1.  Removing the fill cap in the upper case assembly will help the oil drain once the lower plug is removed, but it is all one cavity.
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    SD20 Saildrive question

    One chamber.  Drain from the bottom, fill from the top.