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    Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven...

    Spirit was in no position to sue Led Zep. If you want to argue about significant contributions, fine, but then Spirit would need to be sued too. A little research on the internet and youtube will reveal that there is music that predates Taurus that sounds more like Taurus than Taurus sounds...
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    Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven...

    They are just using the same chord (mainly, but Paige then switches chords and that is important because the melody is much nicer). Stairway is obviously different. And anyway, the whole song builds up to the final part which really makes that song. There is a reason very few know about...
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    Honey Badger Anarchy

    So the badger escapes... Many times. How do you catch it and put him back in his prison every time? These things are mean mofos...
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    Force Awakens. No spoilers

    Hey asshole, this is a no spoiler thread. Haven't seen the movie yet so don't know if this one is true or fake. Either way, go fuck yourself.
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    C-Class LittleCup 2015

    Just landed in Geneva. I'm having some difficulties figuring out what is happening tomorrow. The program says "Geneva Fleet Race". What does that mean? Is the event held at SNG? Thanks for any info you can provide.
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    Hitchhiking robot on tour across U.S.

    It will be kidnapped and sold as a sexbot to oligarchs in Tajikistan.
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    VOR 2014-15 The Final Inshore

    Not obvious to me that DF would not have crossed. I guess Alvi thought they could blanket DF or else it would have been worth a try. On top of this, they took a few more seconds than DF to jibe and lost speed.
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    VOR 2014-15 The Final Inshore

    It is really too bad that we rarely seem to get producers who understand what the fuck is going on the water. The whole drama was deciding the positions between two boats, and somehow, you get into a dream match racing situation where an Olympian is doing world class sailing and you cut to an...
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    World Cup

    Canucks vs England. Match starts right after the visitors have had their tea (local time). 8th ranked team against 6th ranked team. Should be good.
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    Team Vestas Wind getting some flak in Danish newspaper

    I think it will show up no matter at what zoom level they look at. So, we're good! (as long as they don't declare this island an "exclusion zone", then a couple of boats will probably hit it).
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    VOR Leg 8 Lisbon to Lorient

    I agree it is refreshing when people at press conferences speak their minds and do not just bullshit. But in this case, what he said was actually quite nice saying that they made the wrong decision not to follow because "the girls, they sail well but they are unlucky". He did not say their...
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    American Pharoah vs Secretariat

    Right. You have to wonder what Secretariat would have done at Belmont if he had had any other horse close by or if the jockey hadn't just hand-rode him. He had no competition to urge him on and he was not pushed. In those conditions, he set a track record that is 42 years old. And as...
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    American Pharoah vs Secretariat

    Secretariat could have won the Kentucky and Preakness in faster times. He was a slow starter, until the Belmont. The Belmont showed that he had plenty in the tank. He had an extra gear that the others did not have (youtube the Preakness). And yes, Sham was a TC-worthy horse. Just picked...
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    VOR Leg 8 Lisbon to Lorient

    They're in a parade setup now. If the wind holds up, they will finish in order: SCA, TVW, ADOR, MAPFRE, Brunel, Alvi, DFRT
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    VOR Leg 8 Lisbon to Lorient

    hey hey... girls doing 15 knots, the others 10 to 11. Go SCA!!!