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    Random Info for Cruising Anarchists

    I have worked up in those islands and it is not all that hospitable. If you want a good read on how to travel there from an old explorer you could look at the Journals of Dr. John Rea. He followed the parctices of the Inuit and managed much better than most of his compatriots. The people who...
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    Food, fixes and notes from the casual coastal sailor.

    We enjoy the Appel herring fillets.   We find them a cut above sardines for flavour.  They also make a handy lunch paired with a local bread when you are travelling.
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    Looking forward to the invention of cleats in Canada

    Let's hear it for Dead Frog!!!
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    New pooper. Experiences welcome

    The pump will remove whatever is in the bowl.  We often put fresh water from the shower into the bowl while pumping to clear it.  You only need to close the lid and get a seal in order to bring water into the bowl from the intake plumbing, whether that is fresh or salt water.  It is very handy...
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    New pooper. Experiences welcome

    Very happy with our Laval but I do sometimes wish for a desiccating head.
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    What’s your favorite anchorage’s ( pic’s)

    If you take up the offer it is worth stopping at Brigus to tour the Robert Bartlett Museum.   He was an amazing seaman and participated in some historic expeditions.
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    Spring Is Coming

    I have used straight beeswax on our prop, however we drywall our boat so it has never been in the water long enough at one time to grow anything.  It is easy to do and doesn't cost much.
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    Acutal use of celestial navigation prior to the GPS era

    Going back to the DF function.  When I flew in the Canadian arctic islands we used to listen to broadcast stations on the ADF.  AFRS Thule usually came through as well as stations from 'the south'.  Occasionally we would get one of the pirate stations from the UK, Radio Free London I think.  If...
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    Winter is Coming

    A friend of mine was discussing roadkill during a radio interview.   The host then asked what her favourite restaurant was and she replied "Highway 1 East!"
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    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Could that be handy in an anchorage when someone runs their genset all night? :D
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    Looking forward to the invention of cleats in Canada

    It is sad to me that so many of the appliance manufacturers have been bought up by two main companies in the USA.  They have eliminated the competition by swallowing it instead of putting that money into improving their own product to the level where consumers would appreciate the quality and...
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    HTFU 1928 style

    I am very fortunate to have been aboard the Peking in at the South Street Seaport Museum and the Passat in Travemundi.  For the Passat we were given a tour set up by a survivor from the Pamir.  He had been in touch with my mother to access her collection of photos my father had taken...
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    Anyone ever sail a Freedom 40/40?

    That looks a bit like Sir Lancelot!
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    EU friends, please give me three on-the-ground snapshot observations of:

    Has somebody hijacked his account??? ;)
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    BC Misadventures (Cruising on a budget)

    Great shots Zonker, you have a good eye.