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    Ian just exploded.

    Boy did I jinx myself. Just had a big fir tree limb come down on my truck and a very large oak tree came down on the back of my neighbor's house. I see chainsaws in my future! If your friend needs anything let me know if I can help.
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    Ian just exploded.

    I live west of the city ( Charleston) about 6 miles. Wind gusts and moderate rain so far. Conditions should be improving as the storm moves inland. Plenty of small limbs down. We dodged a bullet on this one. I put up the storm shutters and filled sandbags for my neighbors and we didn't really...
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    Ian just exploded.

    Last Friday removed two Oaks that were growing on a dike that holds the fish pond. Roots were growing through and across the dike so that if they blew over it would put the dike at risk. Still hate to cut trees after Hugo! Climbed on the roof today and blew out the gutters in case of a major...
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    Moby Dick

    I thought Moby Dick was an STD.
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    Towing a sailboat without a trailer license plate

    We got pulled right before getting to the Yacht Club in Cleveland, Ohio after driving from Charleston, SC for no tags. Told the officer that we didn't need them them in SC. He held us until he could call to verify our claim. Fireball Nationals a long time ago!
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    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Has anyone sailed one in heavy air and big waves yet?
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    F1 2022 - New Cars, Fresh Start

    Podium and Fastest Lap?
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    Meme Anarchy

    We roped and pulled small pines over and then one guy would strap himself to the top with his belt and then we let it go. Quite a ride most of the time. I was on one that whipped back and forth through a couple of tree branches. Tore me and my clothes up!
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    What's in your arsenal??

    Practiced iron sights this morning at 100 yards.
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    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Some feedback on sailing a Rocket would be nice.
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    F1 2022 - New Cars, Fresh Start

    Sometimes having a Hard On is not a good idea!
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    Road Rage

    Pump Rage. Busy gas station and guy has both pumps blocked just sitting in his car. Still there when I left. He passed me later and was alone in his car so he wasn't waiting for anyone in the station.
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    Boeing 737 Max

    How did the 23 hours end up?
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    My Wednesday Gun Club workday mower. The AC is nice right now!
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    This is my push mower. I had the same model before that lasted 5 years and always started on the first pull. This one is the same and it gives a nice finished cut. On lazy days I use a riding mower but the push cuts so much nicer!