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    Route du Rhum 2022

    I was in St Malo for the past few days, and while a good number who breathed a sigh of relief there were also some who were unhappy. Those who were all had a similar point of view - it is a race, and you should not go out there if you were not prepared. One expressed it well when they noted...
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    Another keel goes astray...French sailor survives 16 hours in an air bubble inside his capsized boat off Spain

    Apparently, someone spoke my name three times... So much to unpack on this thread. I am going to avoid talking about this specific incident until the investigation is complete, but have some other answers / thoughts about subjects raised here: Yes, I still post here No, I don't post very often...
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    All things Class40

    Yes. Not sharing anything yet. Hull and deck design is finished. Coach roof and cabin design, as well as engineering are all underway.
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    All things Class40

    Ha! Yeah, I can't blame the design.
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    All things Class40

    Because the prior one fell down during February's RORC600
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    All things Class40

    An Owen Clarke Design, engineered by Pure. Merf and Allen have augmented the design team with Peter Hobson and collectively they are producing a pretty amazing design. VPP tested against the fleet of existing scow bows across the Fastnet, TJV, RdR, Atlantic Cup and Bermuda courses using 10...
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    All things Class40

    Just in case any of you are thinking about getting one of these machines for your very own... Dragon is for sale. The ad is in the Sailing Anarchy Classifieds. Her new rig is leaving Axxon in the next couple of weeks to be shipped to the US, and she will be back in perfect nick in September...
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    All things Class40

    I had been looking forward to seeing how the Class40s would do.  In a reach or run, they would definitely put on a good show against the fleet.   Hard to put an untested boat out in those conditions and expect much different.  
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    under new management

    Just saw this news - it's quite the milestone I joined the forums in 2003 and have seen this place ebb and flood over time.  Learned a lot (some of it actually helpful), shared a bit, met some interesting folks, some of them in real life too. I doubt there were many people back in 2003 that...
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    All things Class40

    I honestly don't know where that website came from or who has set that up.  It might have been one of the other NA owners.  Most all of the NA owners are stretched between jobs, families and boats so there is not much time to maintain something like that.  I rep NA on the Class 40 Board, and...
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    All things Class40

    Depends on which course and which boat. In 2011 there were 3 or four of us who did the NYCC transat.   Very slow, light air race, and it took the Class 40's something like 16 to 19 days.   In the 2015 edition of the same race, but a longer course dictated by ice gates set further south, it took...
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    All things Class40

    Best guess, they cranked down on the tie downs, compressing the coach roof.  I feel badly for everyone involved.  The skippers have chartered another boat on short notice, so they are still going to be doing the TJV
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    All things Class40

    Good golly.  It has been so long since I have been on SA, I pretty much forgot my password. Welcome to the Class, Greyhound.  I will ping you directly to get you connected to other North American owners and share the calendar of potential 2022 events.  If you need any help, please reach out. 
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    Solo night watch

    Ok... that was fucking funny.  
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    Ft Lauderdale to Key West Race

    The DH class is a very recent addition, done in conjunction with US Sailing and meant to provide a platform for those interested in the new Olympic mixed DH discipline.  The fact that SORC raised their hand to help those of us in the US interested in that sort of thing is a good thing, and...

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