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    real cialis online

    You're looking for the motorboating forums... not blow-boaters and DEFINITELY not the multi crowd. :p
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    Anchored Out: Evicted at Sea | The New Yorker Documentary

    I like the way you are presenting numbers and stating your assumptions. Kudos! I agree that it is harder now. The converse of that is harder for most older folks to swallow... that it was easier THEN that it now is. Most folks will just knee-jerk away from personalizing that to themselves, and...
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    Windrider 16?

    Uncommon... but what a blast to ride!
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    Anchored Out: Evicted at Sea | The New Yorker Documentary

    I agree with your first point... some posts demonstrate how out of touch with lived reality a segment of society has become. Your post fits that criteria, to me, as you have not moved out of that super-expensive market! Look, I can't afford to live dockside in the SF Bay area... so i live in...
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    Humdinger Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous boat!
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    The original North American Catamaran Racing Association

    Huge thanks for the link, Mike! I miss this part of the Web, where labors of love were documented. These days they just pop up in a Facebook post or tweet and then scroll off the bottom of the feed towards an anonymous death. :(
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    Mr. Rasputin22's Worrell

    Thanks, Jack!
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    Worrell 1000

    F16 sail?
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    Corsair/Farrier Anarchy

    Trailer comment: not F-boat specific. Before you hit the road with an unfamiliar trailer, check it over REALLY well. Few folks take good care of their trailers, especially if they only use them at the beginning/end of the season. Crawl under/over/around to check the trailer, especially if it...
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    Weta anarchy

    It probably makes pit stops entertaining for everyone else to watch! :p
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    Weta anarchy

    I would still LOVE to find a well-integrated PFD/harness. Closest I've seen was a GoFundMe-esque red thing. I almost threw some money at it... and would have if I could have tried one on (hard to do with pre-release vaporware). Until that happens, I will wear my PFD over my Magic Marine harness...
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    Flame away! How to counter nose diving?

    Fixed. Damn Android autocorrect. :/
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    Flame away! How to counter nose diving?

    Is that a foreground/background illusion, or is the hill really the same width as the front crossbeam?  Can play with mast rake a bit, but doubt that will be enough to back balance those super fine hull entries. Can you put a prod from the base of the mast to the front beam... and put a track...
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    Installing a composting toilet.

    I see what you did there. :p
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    Installing a composting toilet.

    You are both right. Neither point excludes the other, if you dismiss the relativity. Small discharges are a problem. Large discharges are a bigger problem. I don't want to anchor, swim, or sleep next to or downstream of either. "Think globally, act locally." -- P. Geddes Let's do BOTH...