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    The killing of Sailing

    ahhh.... the good old days!
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    Julien Dougherty RIP

    He was a nice guy and I'm sorry he passed away at such a young age. Very sad news indeed. Fair Winds Julien
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    Stamford - Vineyard Race 2010

    I think the only thing that is funny is that dead cat on your face. Turned down that gig??? Really... you have such a way with fiction.
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    Stamford - Vineyard Race 2010

    WTF??? How did I get thrown under the bus in this little shit fight with JT (and his gazillion sock puppets)? Hey Jeffie, your BF in life invited me to sail as his tactician in the IMS Champs. I bet that must make you feel real good! :lol:
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    Newport Bermuda Race

    You're quite the rumor monger and your obsession with who I sail with....or not may be considered a bit bizarre. You should get a life instead of spending some much time on SA trying to stir the pot.
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    Newport Bermuda Race

    I really wasn't planning on doing the race this year despite being asked by a few boats. My kid finishes school this week and then he's off to sleep away camp for 7 weeks so I thought it would be best not do the race. I hope the Aurora does well as a lot of my regular Bermuda Race buddies are on...
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    Newport Bermuda Race

    It looks like its turned into a drifter and boats that are the furthest west of rhumb are going the slowest with less wind. The barometric pressure is rising all over the course which means light air for a while. To best follow the progress of the fleet, go to...
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    Rigid Vang Use Question

    I've used many a rigid vang from a 27 footer (Boomkicker) to hydraulic ones on very large boats. I suspect you're using it on a smaller boat? For the 27 footer (frac rig boat), we used a boomkicker which was light and ideal for the boat given its inexpensive. Its main purpose was to overcome...
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    EBYRA 2010

    At least he can afford to shave his balls. As Luca Brasi told you on another thread, "You can't even buy a razor to shave that dead cat off your face." Have you thought about getting a job yet?
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    CPYC One Design Regatta

    Yep... we got hit again. Gumption on port somehow failed to see us on starboard and t-boned us as we were approaching the weather mark. Kevin was a total gentleman and apologized and the damage was not too bad (broken stanchion and a repair needed to hull/deck joint amidships). Otherwise, we had...
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    CPYC One Design Regatta

    Agreed! Just a fun regatta that was well run.
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    CPYC One Design Regatta

    We'll be there. Alawys a fun event!
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    A-Holes of the Week Award

    DING DING DING. My vote for A-Hole of the Week Award goes to Jeffie aka AG with his 14,400th idiotic post! Dude, get a grip on reality as there's far more important things to do than to spend all your life behind a keyboard spewing crap on SA. Old, fat, bitter and unemployed is no way to go...
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    A-Holes of the Week Award

    Hey Jeffie, I heard you were making erroneous statements about me. Lets get the facts straight. I own a Hunter 216 that I keep on a large lake in NJ for fun mid-week sailing thats easily sailed by 2 or 3 people. Its actually a nice little boat and the Bitter End Yacht Club even has a fleet of...
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    American YC Spring Series

    That's some pretty harsh words to say about one of the nicest guys in racing. I've sailed with him for years and have never seen him do anything that would remotely even be considered unethical. I'm glad he had a good regatta.

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